of what i missed, of what i like..

i woke up late this morning because i was having a hard time to sleep because of the cough..and since i don’t have any submission due this week, i could use some time today for some logistic business i should take care of..and since it’s easily done, i decided to go out and pick up my shoes from the repair shop *don’t ask me why i have to send them for repair* and grab something for my friend’s birthday..i went out with wawa and we were enjoying our time until i forgot that i should be attending an inaugural lecture by one of VUW’s professor, James Liu..google him, he’s number one on the list 🙂

i didn’t notice zaty’s texts and calls but probably she was so mad at me for forgetting that event that i instinctively checked my phone and immediately remembered about that event..sorry wawa i had to leave but seriously i totally forgot about that event..

anyway, i managed to catch a bus to get back to uni but i missed approximately 10 minutes of that lecture and i really regret it for forgetting about that event and for missing that part of the lecture too..because..the lecture was awesome..he talked about something that i’m so interested in..here’s the excerpt of his lecture invitation..

Towards a Psychology of Global Consciousness

Modern society was forged by Western cultures of the Enlightenment. However, the Enlightenment has run up against immovable objects in non-Western religions and cultures. We have entered into an age where no one civilization or nation is capable of dictating unilaterally to others. In his inaugural lecture Professor James Liu will draw from his award-winning research on history and identity, chart the rise of Asian and Islamic cultures as part of the fabric of global consciousness, and map out possible futures for global society.

he basically covered a lot of things from economy to psychology to cross cultural practices to history to imperialism to marxism, politics etc etc..

i’m interested in linguistics and all of the above..the question being, how could i possibly involve in those sorts of things he’s doing..?


2 thoughts on “of what i missed, of what i like..

  1. Having a global consciousness is only meaningful when we could express our awareness in a tangible form. One way being business, with logistics and the internet probably at the heart of it. But basically, expressing global consciousness is about having interactions with elements (people, culture, history, etc) originating from different parts of the world. IMO.

    1. the lecturer is a psychologist if you want to know..the thing about wanting to become who he has become is to do loads of researches and present them somewhere..and being a researcher is about continuing doing research so you can always have the latest research to meet the demands of the fast-paced world..and i don’t see the part where interactions are made there..well, may be because i’m not doing what he’s doing so i have no idea as to what interactions he’s been making but yeah..i can’t see it, theoretically..

      p/s: your opinion counts.. 🙂

      p/s/s: owh one of his findings tell that malaysians are among the top countries whom citizens are willing to fight in war..so are you..?

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