it’s an English translation for girlie’s “mom, i want a pink dress” :)

i pretty much woke up a bit early this morning so this’s what i did.. 🙂

i just found out the gravatar feature’s cool so i uploaded some photos, added a little bit more details and well, i’ll see what else i can add there..

so now you can hover at the new gravatar photo, and click on it, and see what you’ll see 🙂 -that’s the photo underneath the line :: i’m the writer :: – yep, click on that one..thank you..

i’ll be going out this afternoon to see some Halloween costume play so see if i can capture anything interesting!


of miracles..

Exam cartoons
Image by Robin Hutton via Flickr

being busy plus pressured for the coming exam have never failed to make me feel homesick..and since i have some economical turn-down (if i can say it that way) make the situation even worse..

so now i’m trying to escape the reality by wishing for miracles to happen..yes, i need more than one miracles..i want miracles to happen so i can have enough money to pay for the remaining house rent + confirmation payment for next trimester’s stay + rent for the summer stay + rent for the whole next trimester..wuwu..why is university hall charging us so much that we can hardly afford to pay..?come on sponsors, you need to give us more allowance now..

i also need miracles to happen so i can have enough money to buy flight tickets so i can go home, be with my family, enjoying the warmth of being with the family members and spend time with my beloved C-11! gosh i miss them..i chatted with begum just now and she’s busy preparing for her exam too so if i go back this December, it’ll be just the perfect time for us to get together and enjoying each others’ company..wuwu..i really miss to have a real hard laugh with those people..yot has been making a lot of noise now because she gets so bored having to work alone and no one is there to accompany her to the bank and wherever she needs to go..

i need miracles too so i can get an A+ for this saturday sociolinguistics exam..wuwu..i’ve been studying but i know i need to do more because i don’t really have a good memory..i wish i have amir fikrie’s brain now because he is so good in memorizing things..please readings, stay in there and come out when i need you guys to come out..and please don’t play hide and seek at the back of my mind when i need all of you to be visible..the problem with me is, i will remember some significant things i read for a long period of time so there’s not much space left for short term memory..if i stuff everything in my short term memory, i couldn’t remember everything..but it can’t happen that way because i NEED to remember everything..amirrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! please sit for my exam.. T_T

hu~and i really need to get out of wellington for awhile.. T_T


some light entertainment..

while i was studying and searching for some laugh bits, i found these.. 🙂

Winnie the Pooh by Disney


Archie by Fernando Ruiz and Craig Boldman


Baby Blues

and this one is my favourite..

ahhh~he's a good daddy isn't he..?

just some light entertainment i got from http://www.babyblues.com/index.php and http://www.creators.com/comics.html


security dilemma..ever heard of that..?

i think study week makes things look more serious than usual..so here i am, writing something serious, again..

i was studying with Sha at the library today as and she’s reading for international relations, she shared a few things she found interesting from her readings..and one of the things shared was about ‘security dilemma’

basically, security dilemma is about the reactions that come about as a result of insecurity..say country A creates a massive weaponry production and this leads to nearby countries of B, C & D feel threatened..one thing leads to another plus the fear of possibilities, countries B, C & D eventually develop their own weaponry missions..and of course country A will see it as a challenge and thus continues its productions and improves on its invention..

what’s hidden behind this agenda is the lust for power..country A believes it has more power than country B when it first posses a weapon..thus enabling itself to use the power against country B..

looking back in history when people use war as a means of invasion, it’s vivid that they’re willing to sacrifice their lives to gain power that came with victory..they invaded a country for its natural resources that they couldn’t or didn’t posses in their country..

so, what’s with security dilemma & power..?

insecurity will make party A thinks of what more is needed in order to be MORE powerful than party B..so yeah, they want more oil, more soil, more natural resources, more technologies, more experts more etc etc..and they will do just anything to get it..uh, now you get it..it creates GREED..

i know there are LOADS more positive sides of competition but looking at this matter on a futuristic basis, it will create more harms than goods..hey, it’s war for oil in iraq if you didn’t realise..and may be there’ll be war over new zealand for its fresh water resources..

globalisation..ah well~

please don’t make me start talking about security dilemma in linguistics..


psst..do you know this..?

i’ve seen this several times now, and i think i want to make a conclusion here..but let’s look at what i’ve seen..

i put up a small get together last raya and i invited several friends for that occasion, including some kiwi friends..i said to them, come between 2pm-4pm..

a few days ago, my friend and i made a small feast to celebrate the end of LING and ALIN classes so we invited our classmates to that event..but we didn’t say what time it will end..we just said “come around 6:30pm, we’re gonna have dinner”..

from both of these events, i found my kiwi friends as having difficulties in saying good bye or we say minta diri from our events..during the get together in hari raya, they waited until 4pm before they say good bye..and during the small feast, they stayed until it got very late..they just didn’t know how to excuse themselves politely and express their intention of leaving the event if they’re not given a time range!

aha..and as for our culture, we don’t know how to politely send our guests home! selalunya kita pandai-pandai sendiri la minta diri sebab dah lama dah kat rumah orang..or dah kenyang..or dah memenuhi jemputan orang..but my friends here they didn’t know they’re allowed to leave the event at any time and we would never get offended *eventhough kita akan ckp “eh, dah nak balik dah!” but we didn’t say it because we want them to stay do we..?*

there you go..clashes of culture..we don’t know how to say “go” and they don’t know how to say “bye”


of a depression..

bila dah hujung-hujung sem ni, semua student pun akan jadi sangat busy..dengan final submission, tests and exams..semua pun akan tukar mode jadi mode depress..bila dah depress tu, macam-macam perangai pelik keluar..setiap orang react dengan depression dengan cara yang berbeza..so here goes my story..

1) saya akan mengidam (exaggeratedly) benda yang bukan-bukan..seperti nak makan dekat restoran paling sedap, nak pergi manjakan diri dekat resort yang cantik and tak kisah harga and dekat mana, nak spend masa buat benda lain selain belajar – nak jalan-jalan, makan-makan dengan gembira, amek gamba dengan gembira..

2) saya akan ada masalah tidur..ok saya memang a light sleeper, and i suffer a mild insomnia..tapi, bila dah depress, mmg tidur tu adalah masalah besar..semua benda dah try..tukar tempat tidur, mandi before tidur, doa panjang-panjang or baca lecture notes, penat kan diri waktu siang, exercise..semua tu tak jalan..sampai nak marah tengah-tengah malam sebab tak boleh lena..owh saya sungguh kena bersabar..

3) saya akan fikir bukan-bukan..saya rasa saya ada semua simptom penyakit berbahaya..agak paranoid la jugak sebenarnya..sampai nak tulis essay pun terfikir ‘apa jadi kalau aku kena kanser bla bla bla’ and ‘owh, siksa nya kalau kena operate dekat sini..dah la insurance hanya akan refund lepas kita bayar..mana nak mampu bayar kos operation kat sini..isk, nak balik malaysia la macam ni’ and ‘what if the cancer dah sampai stage yang teruk and dah effect organ lain?’ isk..nauzubillah..

sesungguhnya, depression adalah benda yang tak sihat..sangat rasa lemah when we are mentally affected dgn benda-benda macam ni..aaaaaaaa~!!! can’t wait for this semester to end..i really need a break..and, i think i’ll need to marry a doctor..

if you find yourself in the same boat as me, stop depressing yourself..try this..



of the random things..

1) i finished ALIN 302 test yesterday without feeling good about it because i just forgot what characterized low frequency words – words in English that you rarely used in conversations..but anyway, i deserved to reward myself because i’ve been staying up for a couple of nights trying to finish the readings..and i managed to finish it even though i wasn’t successful in answering the test..so, i went to an indian restaurant in town with a few friends and ordered my favourite mango lassi..i was so excited because the test was done and i’m a few more steps to finishing this semester and at that moment, i was enjoying the indulgence of good food and good company! the lassi tasted a bit weird because it felt like some herbs was added into it but since i’m not Indian, i assumed that it was how it’s supposed to be..so i finished it..and just a couple of hours later, my stomach felt weird and there’s a need to rush into the toilet..then i knew, i’ve had too much herbs and spices and i couldn’t handle it!

मेरे पेट बैठ जाता है! वहाँ लस्सी में कुछ था

2) i watched commonwealth game’s men 1500m freestyle on tv just now and that african guy swam 1.5 km in less than 13 minutes! gosh, i’m a very weak swimmer that i would’ve been asthmatic after 100m..yeah, by the time the swimmer finished 1.5km, i would’ve been drowned!

jy is ‘n baie goeie swemmer!

3) owh! i have a favourite place to go at uni and to my surprise, it’s someone else’s favourite place too! and i kinda like that coincidence that i now find it more inspirational there! haha..you wouldn’t believe how much butterflies i have in my stomach everytime i go to that place now..it’s just different now 🙂 and i wish this semester never ends..haha..dream on! owh, i have a reason for using the following language..


4) i totally forgot that i used to like michelle branch a lot! i bought her album and to my surprise, i still remember the lyrics..it’s been like 9 years ago and i still remember it..?impressive! and my favourite remains ‘here with me’

je liedjes zijn mooi

there are reasons for every language i used..do guess if you want to..i’ll tell you the answers afterward..you can easily tell what languages are they with google translate..but it will not tell why i used those languages respectively..