of the random things..

1) i finished ALIN 302 test yesterday without feeling good about it because i just forgot what characterized low frequency words – words in English that you rarely used in conversations..but anyway, i deserved to reward myself because i’ve been staying up for a couple of nights trying to finish the readings..and i managed to finish it even though i wasn’t successful in answering the test..so, i went to an indian restaurant in town with a few friends and ordered my favourite mango lassi..i was so excited because the test was done and i’m a few more steps to finishing this semester and at that moment, i was enjoying the indulgence of good food and good company! the lassi tasted a bit weird because it felt like some herbs was added into it but since i’m not Indian, i assumed that it was how it’s supposed to be..so i finished it..and just a couple of hours later, my stomach felt weird and there’s a need to rush into the toilet..then i knew, i’ve had too much herbs and spices and i couldn’t handle it!

मेरे पेट बैठ जाता है! वहाँ लस्सी में कुछ था

2) i watched commonwealth game’s men 1500m freestyle on tv just now and that african guy swam 1.5 km in less than 13 minutes! gosh, i’m a very weak swimmer that i would’ve been asthmatic after 100m..yeah, by the time the swimmer finished 1.5km, i would’ve been drowned!

jy is ‘n baie goeie swemmer!

3) owh! i have a favourite place to go at uni and to my surprise, it’s someone else’s favourite place too! and i kinda like that coincidence that i now find it more inspirational there! haha..you wouldn’t believe how much butterflies i have in my stomach everytime i go to that place now..it’s just different now 🙂 and i wish this semester never ends..haha..dream on! owh, i have a reason for using the following language..


4) i totally forgot that i used to like michelle branch a lot! i bought her album and to my surprise, i still remember the lyrics..it’s been like 9 years ago and i still remember it..?impressive! and my favourite remains ‘here with me’

je liedjes zijn mooi

there are reasons for every language i used..do guess if you want to..i’ll tell you the answers afterward..you can easily tell what languages are they with google translate..but it will not tell why i used those languages respectively..