psst..do you know this..?

i’ve seen this several times now, and i think i want to make a conclusion here..but let’s look at what i’ve seen..

i put up a small get together last raya and i invited several friends for that occasion, including some kiwi friends..i said to them, come between 2pm-4pm..

a few days ago, my friend and i made a small feast to celebrate the end of LING and ALIN classes so we invited our classmates to that event..but we didn’t say what time it will end..we just said “come around 6:30pm, we’re gonna have dinner”..

from both of these events, i found my kiwi friends as having difficulties in saying good bye or we say minta diri from our events..during the get together in hari raya, they waited until 4pm before they say good bye..and during the small feast, they stayed until it got very late..they just didn’t know how to excuse themselves politely and express their intention of leaving the event if they’re not given a time range!

aha..and as for our culture, we don’t know how to politely send our guests home! selalunya kita pandai-pandai sendiri la minta diri sebab dah lama dah kat rumah orang..or dah kenyang..or dah memenuhi jemputan orang..but my friends here they didn’t know they’re allowed to leave the event at any time and we would never get offended *eventhough kita akan ckp “eh, dah nak balik dah!” but we didn’t say it because we want them to stay do we..?*

there you go..clashes of culture..we don’t know how to say “go” and they don’t know how to say “bye”


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