security dilemma..ever heard of that..?

i think study week makes things look more serious than usual..so here i am, writing something serious, again..

i was studying with Sha at the library today as and she’s reading for international relations, she shared a few things she found interesting from her readings..and one of the things shared was about ‘security dilemma’

basically, security dilemma is about the reactions that come about as a result of insecurity..say country A creates a massive weaponry production and this leads to nearby countries of B, C & D feel threatened..one thing leads to another plus the fear of possibilities, countries B, C & D eventually develop their own weaponry missions..and of course country A will see it as a challenge and thus continues its productions and improves on its invention..

what’s hidden behind this agenda is the lust for power..country A believes it has more power than country B when it first posses a weapon..thus enabling itself to use the power against country B..

looking back in history when people use war as a means of invasion, it’s vivid that they’re willing to sacrifice their lives to gain power that came with victory..they invaded a country for its natural resources that they couldn’t or didn’t posses in their country..

so, what’s with security dilemma & power..?

insecurity will make party A thinks of what more is needed in order to be MORE powerful than party B..so yeah, they want more oil, more soil, more natural resources, more technologies, more experts more etc etc..and they will do just anything to get it..uh, now you get it..it creates GREED..

i know there are LOADS more positive sides of competition but looking at this matter on a futuristic basis, it will create more harms than goods..hey, it’s war for oil in iraq if you didn’t realise..and may be there’ll be war over new zealand for its fresh water resources..

globalisation..ah well~

please don’t make me start talking about security dilemma in linguistics..


2 thoughts on “security dilemma..ever heard of that..?

  1. ah yuyu!!
    it’s security dilemma not insecure dilemma!!
    and the fresh water thingy is just a prediction and actually has nothing to do with security dilemma.

    1. aha..corrected..thanx cik sha..

      well, it’s prediction, and i sort of able to relate it to security dilemma.. đŸ™‚ teruskan usaha anda blaja INTP cik sha..nnti kte discuss cm ahlil politik lagi..haha..

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