of miracles..

Exam cartoons
Image by Robin Hutton via Flickr

being busy plus pressured for the coming exam have never failed to make me feel homesick..and since i have some economical turn-down (if i can say it that way) make the situation even worse..

so now i’m trying to escape the reality by wishing for miracles to happen..yes, i need more than one miracles..i want miracles to happen so i can have enough money to pay for the remaining house rent + confirmation payment for next trimester’s stay + rent for the summer stay + rent for the whole next trimester..wuwu..why is university hall charging us so much that we can hardly afford to pay..?come on sponsors, you need to give us more allowance now..

i also need miracles to happen so i can have enough money to buy flight tickets so i can go home, be with my family, enjoying the warmth of being with the family members and spend time with my beloved C-11! gosh i miss them..i chatted with begum just now and she’s busy preparing for her exam too so if i go back this December, it’ll be just the perfect time for us to get together and enjoying each others’ company..wuwu..i really miss to have a real hard laugh with those people..yot has been making a lot of noise now because she gets so bored having to work alone and no one is there to accompany her to the bank and wherever she needs to go..

i need miracles too so i can get an A+ for this saturday sociolinguistics exam..wuwu..i’ve been studying but i know i need to do more because i don’t really have a good memory..i wish i have amir fikrie’s brain now because he is so good in memorizing things..please readings, stay in there and come out when i need you guys to come out..and please don’t play hide and seek at the back of my mind when i need all of you to be visible..the problem with me is, i will remember some significant things i read for a long period of time so there’s not much space left for short term memory..if i stuff everything in my short term memory, i couldn’t remember everything..but it can’t happen that way because i NEED to remember everything..amirrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! please sit for my exam.. T_T

hu~and i really need to get out of wellington for awhile.. T_T


6 thoughts on “of miracles..

    1. raya haji bila eh sbnrnya aten..?aku bleh balik lepas 12hb..aku check td emirates..13dec-24 feb..plg murah $16++ ex AKL..cmpo dgn flite g auckland mungkin $1900.00

      anyway, thanx for informing aten!

  1. ah yu yu!!!
    concentrate!! (coming from me yg off task at the mo. lol)
    miracles may happen but you still have to wokr hard for it
    i’m sure you’ll be fine for your exams!
    ah yu yu kan dewa ling!
    go yu yu go!

    and as for your so called “economic turndown”,
    there are ways to save up money, mainly:
    but yeah, uni hall fees are pain in the ass there’s no other place to go.

    need to get out of wellington?
    let’s go to milford sound!!!!

    1. hahaha..cik sha! concentrate jugak..

      adoiiiiiiii..mcm kena lempang laju2..bleh tahan eh cik sha..itu lah..xbleh tahan la dok umah terperap..aku kena kerja kalo aku nk stay kat welly..aku dh carik tapi semua pn tak respond! kambing! kedekut! esok lusa aku nk tanya akak kt bubble tea tu..dia nk tak aku keja kt situ..hahahaha..wi~

      baik! aku akan bwk bekal..aku akan makan kt umah..aku akan simpan duit! huk!

      good luck exam juga cik sha..semoga usaha kita tak sia2..ayuh betulkan niat, belajar bukan utk pass exam, tapi utk mendalami ilmu supaya menjadi muslimah yg bijak..amin~

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    haha.. everybody needs an allowance increase tapi jpa naikkan once in 10 years n mara pulak tiru jpa. so that is that

    1. td mlm aku keluar dgn one of the post grads and dia bgtau, ms bncang dgn org2 hicom aritu, derg ada bgtau elaun akan naik 2012..which, aku xtau la ko smpat rs ke tak..aku abes awal, so, confirm x smpat..

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