of being critical..

the exam’s over but i still have to attend some workshops and in the mean time, i’m waiting for summer school to to start..the conclusion that i can make from such activities is, i get so bored being in uni..anyway, our beloved coordinators are quite good in not making us feel so bored that they suggest a few more (extra) workshops and seminars for us to to attend to..and because i seriously have nothing serious to do, i sign up for that particular workshop and yeah, here i am, wanting to write something i eventually think, is important..

the workshop mainly discussed about the importance of teaching critical literacy skills to the students and how this particular skills can be taught..

reflecting back to my experience of doing some critical courses back in A-Level years, i remembered myself as having a very difficult time trying to struggle to develop the critical skills required in mastering Sociology, Thinking Skills and General Papers..well, tried to do English Literature but dropped it half way because i knew i would only screw my A-Level if i do it..

courses like Sociology, English Literature, Thinking Skills and General Paper made the learners read things beyond the provided reading/text..say i was reading about power distribution in media ownership by looking at things from the functionalist point of view, neo-marxism point of view or whoever’s point of view, would i be able to look at the reading in my point of view..?would i be able to criticize a particular point of view..?would i be able to find what was missing in such research..?would i be able to reverse the situations..?

well, when i started A-Level, i struggled to critically analyze such texts..so, the answer to all the questions above, i could NOT..

and i found the answer to my ‘disabilities’ in our very own education system..i’m not putting the blame entirely on the education system but yes, part of the blame was on their shoulders..

our education system focuses so much on science courses that they are unable to see the importance of social science courses..and the way i see it, social science’s very important in building up a country..i’m not saying science courses are not important, but they’re equally important that they both deserved to be the focused of Malaysian education system..

Malaysian learners need to be able to look at things critically so whenever they read, watch or hear anything, they can tell whether or not the reporting are biased..they can be more selective in making decisions and i’m talking about the decisions made for business purposes – who to deal with –  and move to a more critical stage of deciding how to manage the politics found in different governments they need to deal with..and on a smaller scale, they don’t have to struggle with social science courses..

i’m just saying..


2 thoughts on “of being critical..

  1. woah… i just mentioned something similar.. no imitation intended.
    having said that i agree critical thinking could be taught.

    1. aha! we haf some telepathic power that we don’t realise..interesting!

      owh, aku baru je baca post tu..dan ye, aku pn sgt setuju utk bdk2 sekolah kat msia belajar utk fikir dgn kritikal..

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