ballet theater..interested..?

you know what’s good about having nothing much to do..?you’ll do things you don’t usually do..haha..apparently i’m filling up my time with a Korean drama (which i won’t tell you the title – i don’t want you to laugh at my cheesy-ness rate) :p so now i’m enjoying the good looks, the exaggerate conflicts, the cheesy scenes and some nice soundtracks..owh, i got time to go out to swim, eat out and have more time to train fencing! *counting the cash flows – with melancholic music background* T_T

so what else that i do..?owh, i went out to see some big fireworks show yesterday..it’s an annual thing..they put up this fireworks show every 5 Nov – it’s the Guy Fawke’s day..so there were a few fire safety demonstrations, CPR workshop, boat and jet ski race, fun fair! and loads of stalls selling foods and crafts..the weather was clear until late afternoon yesterday but it started to rain early that evening..but nah~it didn’t stop people from enjoying themselves at that site..i got a good spot to view the fireworks but i had to struggle to not fall because the wind was so strong and cold! it didn’t feel like spring at all..felt like winter had never gone..

ah! and i felt an earthquake that night..i wasn’t sure how strong the quake was but when my house shook, i prayed that it won’t be so strong and won’t last long because there was no space under my table and i was in the middle of watching the Korean drama that i didn’t want to stop watching it at that moment! hu~alhamdulillah nothing happened..

and today, i went out to see a ballet theater titled the nutcracker..well basically, the theater was presented in a ballet style – so there was no script, but there was a story line..the actors and actresses danced/ballet-ed the story out, following the background music performed by the orchestra team..some people confused gymnastics with classical ballet so these people wouldn’t be satisfied with the choreography performed..so if you’re planning to watch this show, bear in mind that this’s a ballet show..i love the colours in this show..and since this’s a ballet and not musical or theater, i didn’t expect the props to be outstanding and exaggerate..so what i saw just now, was sufficient..the main point was to give enough space for the dancers so they didn’t need to bother creating unnecessary props..the timing for getting in and out of the stage was successful and last but not least, the orchestra was fantastic! i didn’t hear any glitch or imperfection and it even amused me more because the orchestra was beneath the stage and they couldn’t see the movements of the actors yet they managed to keep up!

however, i saw some weaknesses in the story-line..well,  there’s always room for improvements..they’re young actors and actresses so, they’ll manage..i saw kids dressing up as ballerinas and how excited they were when they could ask questions to the actors..seriously, i would miss all these events when i go back to Malaysia..this kind of events create bonding time between parents and kids and expose the kids to the variety of careers they could choose for a living..

so here’s the link to the website and summary of the story


and here’s the sneak peek



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