of morality..

as for now, i’ve been sharing this house with four other housemates, each has her own bedroom, but we share the lounge, the kitchen, washer & dryer and toilets..

i’ve been housemates with Shufaiha since last year, so we pretty much got a lot of things worked out..we alternately cleaned the toilet every week, we alternately bought the groceries that we share and we knew how to cooperate to keep the house clean and comfortable..

but it’s a different story this year..we had to share the house with the juniors..they’re the first year students and this was their first experience of sharing an accommodation..from my observation, i could tell that they were a bit clueless as to what we were expecting from them, and it was our fault too for not outlining what they could do as a responsible housemates..it was very difficult for us to pinpoint every single thing so thought of modeling what they could do..and it turned out to be a complete failure, because they didn’t see what we were doing as a teaching process..it seemed pretty hard for them to learn implicitly..

so a third party who accidentally happened to be older than the rest of us took some action by reminding them on their responsibilities as housemates..they learned from that better, and i could see some improvements after that..but it wasn’t for long..they started to neglect their responsibilities again and expected their other housemates would finish what they’ve started..

so i took some measures..i adviced them that sharing a house meant sharing the responsibilities and each one of us was accounted to our own actions..say you’ve invited your friends over for dinner, you’re supposed to clean up the mess that you’ve created..so everyone else could use the space e.g kitchen, lounge, dining table comfortably..yep, then they were able to be responsible again..but i guess maintaining the disciplined was very hard for them that they changed again..yes, i had to deal with it and i was successful again, for a short period of time..and now i gave up..

you know it’s so frustrating that some people could not see what some people see as a mess..and it’s even more frustrating that some people see responsibilities as a burden..you could learn a lot from the opportunity of sharing a house but to some people, they just refused to learn..so now i’m questioning their morale as a woman..

as for next year, i specifically mentioned that i only want mature students as housemates..


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