teaching, anyone..?

Story Time - A Thank-You to the Teachers

i’ve finished watching the drama i’ve been watching last night..God, no wonder it’s named Drama..i couldn’t believe myself when i looked for the soundtrack from Mr.G and eventually downloaded the song! owh i need to step into reality now..

anyway, that’s not the story i want to tell..

i’ve been attending a series of workshops organized by the BEd TESOL community to prepare the senior students with some beneficial teaching skills..most of the topics have been covered before so you can imagine how sleepy we got when we have to learn the same thing, for the nth time..

however, we learned some interactive teaching tools yesterday, got to try the tools ourselves and i couldn’t help myself from wondering how creative a teacher should be in varying their teaching methods..we’ve looked at some online tools for creating mind map, generating photo albums, making charts, making comic strips/ (II) and even making a second life! these sites and tools were admittedly interesting and would be very useful and helpful for a fun classroom but to think again, how much could it possibly achieve with our education system..?

the aim of virtual learning is obviously to make learning fun and interactive to learners and thus, it requires more time because a lot more things need to be carried out following that particular activities..the classic way of teaching should still be carried out..

the problem with our education system is it’s too exam oriented, that finishing the syllabus is the main aim of the teachers..so teachers will use all the time they have to finish the syllabus, then help learners’ comprehension of the syllabus, without having extra time to implement the teaching skills they learned back in university! what a waste! a good teaching practice is acquired through practice and constant research for applicable & beneficial methods..it’s ironic when they keep talking about improving teaching skills but there’s not enough time for application..

well, i’ll just give it a try, God-willingly..and i really wish too, that Malaysian students can change their learning attitudes..


2 thoughts on “teaching, anyone..?

    1. good luck to you too cheng! p/s: aku blk bulan depan! join la begum dgn yot amek aku..mlm tapi..19 dec..

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