my IPBA cohort 5 friends..

some of my friends ended their days in Wellington today and flew back to Malaysia earlier this morning..and i was so sad that whoever left now are among the oldest to be in Wellington..

it felt like just yesterday we had our picnic together..indeed! it’s yesterday..and that was the last time for them to see oriental bay..

the scenery they saw along the way to the airport would be the last road they took around Wellington..

the shuttle cab was the last land-public transportation they rode – that the next shuttle cab they would ride after this ought to be belonging to a different country..

the two years were filled with every emotions existed..we learned, played and grew up together..and believe me everything is meaningful..

say if you come again next time, things will be different..there wouldn’t be the same situation – we’re all students and classmates and resent on the same thing – boring class, bias lecturer, nasty assignments..we’re all gonna be different..

and i’m gonna miss the moment we shared in this place..they were beautiful..

wish you guys all the best with your final year in Malaysia..good luck in everything! maaf segala salah silap, halal kan makan minum..jumpa lagi!  🙂

love you guys loads..


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