i’ve been thinking and seeing..

i think i think too randomly..

when i was having a shower this morning, i thought of what it’s like to have a mixed marriage..one thing led to another, i thought of some cross cultural competence..when i was watching this one particular Korean drama, i thought of things movie makers had to think about when they wanted to produce a movie – what the audience wanted to see and what could be produced to feed their desires..

when i was watching Harry Potter *yes, i’ve watched it* i wondered where on earth the shot was made..i kept admiring the places they’d been to..and when i was attending the fencing award ceremony, i met a lot of world class athletes and i wonder why (in Malaysia) coaches put a lot of pressures to their athletes and if they win a number of events, they’re worshipped and suddenly got their status changed!

so here’s my story of how i imagined those things..

one of my friend’s Indonesian..but her family is settling in Holland right now..and she got married to an English guy..and to complicate the story a bit further, she’s raising her sons in New Zealand..she was a Muslim and she used to practice it – praying, fasting etc..but with that marriage, she had to lose her religion and a lot of cultural practices..she loves eating spicy foods but her husband and kids couldn’t eat spicy food..so it was kinda frustrated to her as everytime she makes spicy food, she would eat it alone..and as for her kids, they don’t look like Indonesians or English or Dutch..but they can speak all three languages..i could imagine they’d be facing some identity crises when they grow up, just like a friend of mine, whom parents are of Chinese origins but they’re born and bred in New Zealand..*i’ll elaborate more about this later*

i’m not saying mix marriage is difficult..what i’m saying is, it’ll be a unique experience and what you’ll go through will not be as common as the normal marriage..you’ll have less people to refer to when you have some cultural or communication issues..and you need to be prepared to change something about your life..

and secondly, the cross cultural competence..you know it’s amusing seeing a person trying to talk in close proximity with a person who wants to talk in an appropriate distance..and, seeing some westerners rushing for water after eating some hot food prepared by some Indian families..or, accidentally says good bye in a culture where good bye is a taboo, even the word for good bye is non-existence! owh this’s fun..some people when they’re mad at some other people, they want the guilty party to look them in the eyes when they’re talking..but in some cultures, looking at the angry person’s eyes when they’re mad is disrespectful..and i’ve been talking about how my Kiwi friends stayed for as long as they wished when they attended our small get together and we really had no idea how to ask him to go back politely..

hu~i really love seeing cross cultural incompetence to happen..haha..yeah, i’m looking forward for another travel trip..and i couldn’t forget how i was greeted when i bought something in one of the Italian shops..i said ‘ciao’ and trying to wave but suddenly the sales person grabbed me and gave me a cheek to cheek kiss..and i frost like a statue before saying ‘ciao’..

and the Korean drama..God, i couldn’t stop admiring the beauty in God’s creations!..they appeared to me as flawless..well everyone is flawed in reality but those movie makers made the actors looked flawless and reflecting back on my own, that’s the image people wants in reality..people wants to be flawless..and because they can’t in reality, they created a medium, a fictional ones, where they can imagine as if they’re flawless..and in that fictional world, flawlessness is a norm..and trust me, these things are addictive..they managed to feed our unrealistic desires..and i think the Korean government owed a lot to its actors because they’ve been doing a very good job in promoting the country too..

and Gosh..Harry Potter..i loved the first installment of the final book..the story line was successfully paced, the acting was as good as usual, and sceneries used were amazing! i loved the places they chose to shoot and apart from wanting to go find those places, i couldn’t wait for the final episode as well..urgh come fast summer movies..

owh, have i told you i’m a New Zealand fencer now..?ok so now i’m telling it..and yesterday i went to this fencing award ceremony and i met several important figures in NZ fencing..they’re the commonwealth and olympic athletes, national team coaches and referees, and fellow fencers from all over Wellington..and let me tell you this..they are also the people i’m meeting at school, sharing the same lecture theaters, using study-link to support their studies and ride the bus to go to school..nothing fancy like a personal assistant or a driver or flash cars..and nothing like “i’m famous so i deserve to be snobbish”..things about people here that i love the most is they are a very humble bunch of people..it’s not surprising if you’re sitting in the economy cabin in one of your flights, that you’ll be sitting next to one of the NZ MPs..i’m so gonna miss this attitude when i’m back in Malaysia..

owh..there you go..i’ve been writing a lot..i’ve to stop now..i’ll have training at 2pm and some pot luck dinner at 6:30pm..later~ 🙂


2 thoughts on “i’ve been thinking and seeing..

  1. interesting post. and its interesting how this cross cultural incompetence stuff still takes place in a world where people are moving towards a common culture. a common culture consisting of maybe a couple of dominant cultures. dominant = most international exposure, like how japan and korea have done it in asia.

    1. i’m thinking of the more dominant cultures – from the west..like how ‘bollywood’ is losing its traditional and eastern-ness quality in its movies..well, i can see that too in japanese and korean movies..even in our own film productions..and it’s not just in movies, it’s evident in our daily practices as well..but yeah, not all of them are bad..and, we need some changes for improvements to take place..

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