of my classmates..

summer school has been a bit boring because we’ve been learning all sorts of things we already knew..it’s the same things – classroom management, how to make teaching more interesting, how to address the differences in cultures and practices in classroom etc etc..but one thing or more could have been learned so yeah, i’ll just stick with it for now..this’s the 2nd week of the course, so two weeks to go..

now my classmates are all mature students – most of them are in their third year (at least)..and there are some significant differences that i can see if i were to compare what i’m experiencing now, to what i’ve experienced two years ago..

back in my first year, most of the Kiwi students would try to avoid working with us – muslim, asian girl..they avoided eye contacts and they chose who they wanted to be in their group (if there needed to be a grouped activity)..if they couldn’t avoid it, they would minimise their participation in the activity..

however as they grew older, they eventually came to term with our presence and acknowledged the fact that we were no different from them..it’s easier to communicate, negotiate, joke around and i even got one of them to teach me how to read notes in base treble (yes, i forgot it’s different from cleft treble)..they approached us like they approached their fellow Kiwi mates..

so my conclusion is, they’re struggling with some ‘power’ issues when they’re younger but they will eventually realise they’ll not become ‘powerless’ if they maintain a good relationship with the minority..

anyway, that’s something i can be happy about..and brings me to school every day.. 🙂


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