of my country..

i used to be in a stage, when i really wished they never have broadcasted news at prime time because i still wanted to watch more cartoons..and i vividly remember that during that time, whatever they showed in news, had nothing to do with me..it would take 20 or 30 more years for me to care about the country (i knew too i can forever not care about it if i wished not to)..

and now that 20 years later has come and even if i don’t watch news, i’ll still read something somewhere and i can’t help but understand and care about what is being reported in the media..i’m now who my dad was 20 years ago..i’m starting to understand what i see and relate to how things affect one another..

what kind of socialization processes that i have gone through that has placed me in a situation where i was left with only one option that is to care..?i wish i don’t have to care about the effects from major developments in klang valley, about the possibility of overload-crash from all of those projects.. but here i am, writing about it (because i was concerned too after reading Tun’s & Amir Fikrie’s blog)..

i don’t get it why it HAS to be in Selangor..and why people could have no say about it..?


5 thoughts on “of my country..

    1. haha..it’s always blissful if you ignore it..but true, why so serious kn..?i think i’m growing old at an alarming rate..i should’ve just toned it down..

  1. “what kind of socialization processes” made you sound like you regret having anything to do with the people around you now. haha.
    i don’t know. i guess i still don’t care much. but these issues will someday affect us in one way or another. and i learned that having the gut to say your piece, or chutzpah (a jewish tradition) can take people far in life. so i think why not externalize your inner voices.

    1. totally agree with amir F. which these issues will someday affect us in one way or another……. duh….we are all grown up now…

      yu dah register tuk vote tak??

    2. externalize..i like that word..but i hate it when the word ‘powerless’ comes into contact..but yeah, at least we try..good job people..

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