have you had your playtime..?


image from professor G πŸ™‚

i’m writing this from my bias perspective, i’m admitting it..but that is what i’m seeing..

there’s a woman i know, a divorcee, who has two kids – two very young kids..so as a single mother, she has to work twice as hard, so that she can afford all the expenses (now that she can’t split the expenses with her husband)..

the mother is a business woman, so she has to handle the business on her own..plus the two kids, and the mother’s parents, including an ill father and currently an ill brother as well..

the mother seems to quite lose her control over a lot of things – she’s a human, not a superhuman, so that is pretty much a normal thing when there’s a big responsibility that you have to carry with you..

but what i’m very concern about is her kids..since the mother has not much time to spend with her kids, the mother sends her kids to tuition centers to keep them occupied..let me tell you her kids’ ages..they both 6 and 7 year olds..come on, when i was that small, i was busy enjoying my childhood with my younger brother..we climbed up the water tank, we went fishing at a pond behind the neighbourhood and nope, we attended no tuition..

i know learning is crucial at that age and education should begin as early as possible hence they are sent to tuition centers..but wait kakak! there’s another thing crucial to kids’ development..they need playtime..and most importantly, they need you to join them during their play time..i know i’m not going through what you’re going through but hey, the kids might have a very bright future ahead of them so do you want to be responsible for ruining the possibility..?

you can never get the free time to come to you, you have to MAKE it available..i’m just saying..

“Outside light triggers the synthesis of vitamin D and stimulates the pineal gland, the part of the brain that helps regulate the biological clock and is vital to the immune system.” (Pica, 2010)

“Contact with nature improved attention spans and self-control in kids, including those diagnosed with ADHD.” (Taylor & Kuo, 2010)


of some allergy reaction..

the doctor must've wished he could ask me to self do everything because of the frequent visit =.='

so i’ve been scratching my skin lately because of some unknown allergy reaction..the doctor says nothing about what has been causing the itchiness but yea, i think it’s nothing serious..

until this morning when i wake up i see a lot of tiny bumps around my hands and feet..that’s a call for another clinic visit..i wish it’s not from the food..come on Malaysia! you can’t be mean to me..i don’t want to sacrifice the pleasure of the tastebuds!


of my marriage :p

i was talking with gundam just now when i got this idea – to write about my wedding plan..acheng, aku tak main facebook malam ni..tapi, salahkan gundam..aku ym dgn dia..so lambat siapkan review kau..haha..

1.) i’ll be my own wedding planner..i’m a perfectionist remember..?

2.) i’ll do the majlis akad at a mosque..

3.) i’ll do some elaborate photography sessions..

4.) i’ll make a small feast in an exclusive restaurant for closest friends and families..

so nope, i don’t want pelamin, i don’t want bersanding and i don’t want to parade myself..*crossing fingers* please grant me someone who shares the same plan for his wedding..

i think it’s not wise to spend so much on wedding itself because the most important part of it is not the wedding but the marriage..so let’s betulkan yang biasa, dan biasakan yang betul..

owh, and a cartier πŸ™‚


the Cartier!

of winning, and losing..

the world has evolved into a platform where winning is the source of survival – no, i’m not talking anything capitalistic-related here, though it might sound like it but nope, i’ve had enough of political science..

situation one

a friend of mine, a very dear friend to me is currently contemplating about her workload for the current semester – that she has to be committed to all the readings (which reads: more than the usual number of readings that she has to do)..and how such workloads have been affecting her emotional being eventhough she’s only in her second week of the new semester..

situation two

a different person has been longing for a short (may be long) break or escape both from his work and the concrete jungle (as he terms it) because the workloads and theΒ  stress resulting from the workloads have been crunching his physical and emotional state..

situation three

i’ve been very mobile and physically active these past few days even though i’m biologically very tired from the long journey and the lack of proper rest..as a result, my body gave in to cough, cold and the gas..

to situation one & two, both person one and person two need to be mentally strong to a) be able to complete all the course requirements to graduate and b) to be able to keep the job..so the competition within self one is between her motivations – to be mentally strong or give in and worry not about burdening her mental ability..and as for self two, the competition is between his motivation and his desires – how long would it take before he completely give in to his mental exhaustion and make an emergency call to a sweet escape..

well, to situation three, biology speaks for itself that physical being seems to be losing the competition..end of story..

so my conclusion is – if self one can manage the workloads, she can fulfill all the requirements and eventually get her hands on the graduating trencher..if self two can manage the stress, he can spare some good positions in the future, and may be set his feet on one of the beautiful places, worry-less..

the question is, why we have to win to survive..?can’t we lose but still surviving..?


of their expectations..

i’ve arrived at home sweet home safely alhamdulillah and i only get to see my dad today, three days after arriving home..and the reason being, he does not love me! *sulking tone*

so we had a long talk just now and it included the following..

ayah : when do you want to take your license..?

me : uh..?what license..?ayah, did you forget that i already have a driver’s license..?

ayah : owh, not that license..you can frame that one you know, i’ll get you one big frame for that..haha..take this key..*giving the key to a manual car*

me : taknakkkkk~!!!

ayah : when do you want to take a diver’s license..?you can help my friend coach diving soon..they pay a lot..

me : uh..?why should i..?i’m NOT interested..

ayah : come on..it’s beautiful down there..didn’t you remember what you saw the last time you dove with me..?

me : didn’t you remember how i strangled to surface up..?

so my dad can dive in an open sea, and he coaches sometimes when he’s free..and he’s been expecting me to be able to do what he’s able to do..and since i was little, he’s got me involved in things like archery, horse riding, swimming, SHOOTING, play softball, chess and what not..

well, i followed all since i was helpless back then but now that i’m in control of basically everything, i can choose what i want to do..and that includes not taking a license, at least for now..i’m scared of heights, be it above or below the water level..i can’t handle the speed and the pressure..plus it’s dark down there..

well my brother practically is doing good in everything that ayah has been wanting us to do..he’s now a professional chess player, love doing things with ayah and technically belittled my skills! well, not just him, my younger cousins have been doing the same thing..wu~how bad could it be..i can still drive automatic cars!

yes, i can’t remember how to drive manual cars, i don’t think i’m fit enough to spend hours to get the diver’s license and yes i’m so lazy to think to play chess..but duh~i don’t care..haha..no use in trying people πŸ™‚

anyway, i’m loving my holiday break..i’ve got to see people i miss so dearly..can’t wait for more!


of a graduation..

i’ve never attended any graduation ceremony before so i cannot really make a fair comparison as to which ceremony is better than which..but after the ceremony, i know one thing is certain – i love my university’s graduation ceremony..

briefly speaking, the ceremony is divided into several slots to avoid long, elaborate and boring ceremony..there’s a parade where graduants can proudly parade themselves – and have people playing bag pipes to accompany the parade..and there’s also an assembly in the middle of the civic square where the graduants are greeted by the city’s mayor..the graduation ceremony takes place in the town hall..

they have an orchestra team (NZSM – NZ school of music, they’re the best orchestra team) playing some good songs while the audience take their seats and after the honorary guests get in, they officiate the beginning of the event with a haka..owh i love haka..

there’s no long-winded, unnecessary speech by the VIPs..and the VIPs take the certs on his/her own before giving it to the graduants – no trays, so no one needs to hold the trays for the chancellor/vice chancellor..thus, the stage is not crowded by a handful of helpers just to hand in the certs..

and the family of the graduants are free to cheer their son/daughter while he/she is receiving his/her degree..so some family members sing a song for their kid, some family members do haka! and people listen to it respectfully..

those graduated, congratulations fellow Victorians!

now i’m praying, so i can be here to graduate, Godwillingly..i’ll post up some photos from the ceremony later.. πŸ™‚


of motivations..

so i participated in the fencing competition yesterday and since i didn’t win, i received a lot of bruises as a token of appreciation from the organizing team..

nevermind, i seriously appreciate what i learned from the competition..

the competition i attended was a friendly competition..so people participated to assess their skills & techniques or just to meet their friends from different clubs..the entrance fee was $15 for a single weapon, or $25 for more than one weapons..

for the foil competition, the winner received a big Christmas candy cane..for the sabre and apee winner, they went back with a big toblerone chocolate bar..

would you like to ask me “seriously, fencing is a very challenging sport and winners get to go home with candy and chocolate..?”

yes, they didn’t mind winning a candy cane or a chocolate bar..even though they paid more than the price of the chocolate to participate in that competition..

you see, what drive them to compete in this competition are the desires to improve their fencing skills, to learn from different fencers and to develop mastery in the things they love doing..when they get better in something, they gain satisfaction that money can’t buy..they maximise their purpose of coming to that competition so they can get better in fencing..it’s simple logic..

so we want our football team to play in the world cup, we should start thinking about intrinsic motivations..we want our economy to flourish globally, we need this kind of attitude..

watch this video and you’ll understand what i mean..it’s a long video but it’s fun and inspirational..