i’m nervous..

1) i’ll be presenting on a post graduate colloquium this Friday and i haven’t started doing anything because i truely believed it’ll be somewhere not this soon..lucky i checked the calendar just now..

2) and i already have plans for tomorrow which i can’t cancel..

3) did i mention i have a submission on 10 December..?

4) i’ll be competing in a fencing competition on 12 December but i just skipped the training..so i’ll have next Saturday and Wednesday to train..i wonder if i can still spare some time for training..will i not be worried about the assignment..?

U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Weston Kelsey (right) f...
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5) if the women contestants are too limited, it’ll be an open event..i’ll have to fence some very tall guy fencers T_T

6) i have to organize a Christmas dinner / farewell dinner for this fencing club, but i haven’t done anything yet..the dinner have be on 18 December..

7) i’ll be going back on 19 December, and i think i have to pack my stuff so if i have to move to a different flat next year i won’t be having much problems because i’ll come back right before the school starts..


4 thoughts on “i’m nervous..

  1. U CAN DO IT!! hehe.. bz life makes it livelier.. enjoy every moment, relax dont panic.. update me ok about the competition all the best babe=)

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