our education system..

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i don’t know if it’s overconfidence or simply lazyness that drives me to write this post, instead of completing my assignment..but anyway, here’s something i got from my 3 yr course in becoming a teacher at Vic..

since teachers here do not focus so much in finishing a syllabus, they can afford to focus on something else – classroom management..

their classroom management is very detail and elaborate, that they would be spending most of their time planning for future teaching, preparing some nicely “what needs to be done now” & “what can be delayed” tables..

i’ve seen my associate teacher preparing a development chart for each of her students in a particular class, by taking into account the student’s literacy & numeracy achievements, recorded at every month, in every assessment, with special focus on extra attributes e.g: helping friends to solve math problems – they will be merited for each extra attribute..

i mean, i know these works can cause such a huge hassle for the teachers but if that method can provide a supportive environment for learning to occur effectively, why not try to implement it..?

and good God, the education system has been changing back and fourth on the language matter – what language needs to be used as a medium of instructions..such arguments could harm if not kill the education system itself when they should actually look at more important factors like syllabus and exams and schedules and improving the teaching quality among teachers..

it’s not that deciding what language should be used as a medium of instructions in educational institutions is not important, but there are a LOT more things that need consideration..

owh my education system~

p/s: some people acquire a 2nd language as soon as 6 months after learning the language..some people can USE their 2nd language proficiently after learning the language for 2/3 years..but we Malaysians learn English as early as in kindergarten, but why after 10 – 15 years of learning, we can’t still use it..?why can’t people see this as a sign that exam oriented learning is not working..? URGH!


9 thoughts on “our education system..

  1. it’s also important to acknowledge the fact that for some students, language is not their forte. no matter how many years they learn, they will simply not get it. more so when you teach a language like it’s a formula ie: grammar. and yes malaysian students are very exam-oriented. so teachers give the students what they want and what they need to get good grades because you know how malaysian students looooove collecting As

    1. yang jenis language bukan their cup of tea tu pun susah nak ckp..nak ajar lagi la susah..good luck to us 🙂 1st time seeing you here zarina, thank you for coming 🙂 aritu practicum ok tak..?

      1. practicum not bad la.you learn to deal with colleagues and students. part syllabus tu.. i’m not sure about other schools but taiping ada scheme of work which is a guide for teachers what topics they should cover. macam hari tu we had to cover the literature part but after that we’re free to teach whatever we want. the students in mrsm in general ok. good and competitive kids. so dont be annoyed whenever they ask “is this going to be in the exam?”. but it’s a good idea to start thinking about motivating kids especially when you a teach a class where everyone’s face is literally like this -__- . good luck teaching! and enjoy your time in wellington/new zealand while you can because you are sooo going to miss your life there once you’re back in malaysia!

        ps: ekks panjang pulak comment ni. hope that helps.

        1. do agree when students ask “is this going to be in the exam”. i got that many time whenever i tried new method of teaching.. i mean which is different from the one that they are familiar with.

  2. well, bile ko balik m’sia n teach i think, ko akan cultural shock juga…3 months in mhs, i had to focus n completed the lessons according to the syllabus given. esp literature. yurp, it is damn stressful when u teach a bunch of kids who only focus on examination. they don’t care if they couldn’t speak or engage the language. as long as they get good result, it’s ok. we don’t really focus on class management.

    tips during ur 1st class:
    1= don’t be nice to them. esp if u get school yg hmm…budak2 die perangai hmm…. u can’t build rapport later on. time aku ajar kat mhs, silap aku, 1st class mmg aku dah friendly. so budak2 mmg pijak pale la. they thought they could bullshitting with me.
    2= don’t give a lot of homework. they won’t do it. u want quality or quantity?
    3= if u have a class after recess, hmm..bersedia la budak2 akan masuk lewat about 20min.so, think of anything that could make ur students be punctual.
    4= consider about the weather… classroom mmg panas. if ur school provide ICT/ aircnd room, go for it. kids love it n so do you.
    5= the kids lack of listening activity. coz teachers said they had lot of works n didn’t have time to search for songs (quoted from E.teachers in mhs)
    6= classroom management, go0d luck to you…hehehe

    hm, tp nanti ko balik pon posting kat mrsm kan? maybe u won’t face those kind of difficulties. huhu..i did face… Only God knows how I felt during the 3months..

    1. mmg 1st class sgt penting kan cheng..sbb tu aku ingt nk rs sket class kt msia ni..aku ingt nk g mnyemak kt tmpat ko aja tuition nanti..tolong la weh, klas tuition kat sini mcm non existence..ye la, dh derg tak focus kt exam..nk g tuition buat apa..thanx for the tips cheng..nnti balik kte kena discuss as teachers..?kakakakaka..aku rs before contract aku abes aku akan pk utk buat keja lain..jom cheng..jadi plus size model ke..hahahaha..

      1. hahha..plus size model eh..mcm haram……..btw, tuition ngn school lain la die nye environment….tak same langsung..siyesly

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