left..no, right please..

sexism :


1. attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles.

2. discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex, as in restricted job opportunities.

(dictionary.com 2010)

sexism is one part of discrimination and there are loads more forms of discrimination if we look really closely..but no, i won’t be talking much about sexism here, today..just discrimination in general..

1) ever seen a flip table..?i can’t find the exact image but that’s the closest i can get..you can see such tables in old classrooms, may be not in modern/contemporary-designed classrooms..but yeah, old-school type of classrooms..people from KMS might remember the flip tables in LT3..yeah, that table..we had a lot of chairs with tables on the left hand side hadn’t we..?or was it all of them..?

2) ever seen doors with UNusual place for door knobs..?take a look here and you’ll see what i mean..

3) what about UNusual place for toilet rolls..?haha..

4) and smaller seats in lecture hall..

5) lower tables in lecture halls..

6) this is quite complicated to tell if it’s discrimination but it’s worth mentioning i think..left and right hand drive..?

7) oh! the sinks..if the tap water pipe is not placed at the middle of the sink, which side you want it to be..?and for the cold countries sinks, if the tap is separated between hot and cold, which side would you prefer the hot water to be..?

8) scissors..how often do you see scissors with the loop for the thumb on the left..?

9) and if you look carefully, most slide handphones slide to the right instead of to the left..only some brands make them slide to the left..and look at where the snap button for the camera as well..if you point to shoot, is the snap button on the right side of the camera or on the left side of the camera..

10) pedals underneath the office’s chairs..the pedals that can make the chairs grow a bit higher or sink a bit lower..yeah, if you can’t find it with your right hand, it’s on the other side..

ok enough with the observations..what i’m trying to say is 70%-90% of the world’s populations are right handed people, so most of the products are made to cater for the majority..and manufacturers make generalisations that since the majority are the right handed, the minority has to adapt to using products that are made for the right handed..

for most of us (the right handed people), if we ever bought a wrong scissors, we might curse the stationery shop for selling the wrong scissors..or kick the door for having the knob on a different side..but for some people it would feel like blessings for them..to be able to do things with what they’re comfortable with..

if the minority can cope, why can’t the majority be more considerate..?


2 thoughts on “left..no, right please..

  1. yuyu, hurmm.. this is good, i never took time to think about it but, this entry surely leaves me something to think aboutfor tonight.. lolz.. the things we took for granted.. the things we take at face value yar.. hurmm.. nice one..

    i think, if these companies really do like 90% for the right-handed and another 10% for the left-handed, surely business diorg melambung2 ek.. hehe. my sis is a left handed. x pernah tye die how she feels about this whole discrimination thing. tp i had a teacher who is a left-handed and he told me that mase die kecik2, buku die salu carik2 cuz everytime he had to rub off something, he would accidentally koyakkan his book. i dont knw how that works but i can somehow imagine. lolz.

    1. yg carik2 tu mmg common tau x poms among lefties..ayah aku lefty jgak..ms aku kecik2 dia aja tulis2 kt buku, kalau salah dia suruh aku padam sendiri..but yeah, byk bnda sbnrnya kte take for granted..

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