of motivations..

so i participated in the fencing competition yesterday and since i didn’t win, i received a lot of bruises as a token of appreciation from the organizing team..

nevermind, i seriously appreciate what i learned from the competition..

the competition i attended was a friendly competition..so people participated to assess their skills & techniques or just to meet their friends from different clubs..the entrance fee was $15 for a single weapon, or $25 for more than one weapons..

for the foil competition, the winner received a big Christmas candy cane..for the sabre and apee winner, they went back with a big toblerone chocolate bar..

would you like to ask me “seriously, fencing is a very challenging sport and winners get to go home with candy and chocolate..?”

yes, they didn’t mind winning a candy cane or a chocolate bar..even though they paid more than the price of the chocolate to participate in that competition..

you see, what drive them to compete in this competition are the desires to improve their fencing skills, to learn from different fencers and to develop mastery in the things they love doing..when they get better in something, they gain satisfaction that money can’t buy..they maximise their purpose of coming to that competition so they can get better in fencing..it’s simple logic..

so we want our football team to play in the world cup, we should start thinking about intrinsic motivations..we want our economy to flourish globally, we need this kind of attitude..

watch this video and you’ll understand what i mean..it’s a long video but it’s fun and inspirational..


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