of a graduation..

i’ve never attended any graduation ceremony before so i cannot really make a fair comparison as to which ceremony is better than which..but after the ceremony, i know one thing is certain – i love my university’s graduation ceremony..

briefly speaking, the ceremony is divided into several slots to avoid long, elaborate and boring ceremony..there’s a parade where graduants can proudly parade themselves – and have people playing bag pipes to accompany the parade..and there’s also an assembly in the middle of the civic square where the graduants are greeted by the city’s mayor..the graduation ceremony takes place in the town hall..

they have an orchestra team (NZSM – NZ school of music, they’re the best orchestra team) playing some good songs while the audience take their seats and after the honorary guests get in, they officiate the beginning of the event with a haka..owh i love haka..

there’s no long-winded, unnecessary speech by the VIPs..and the VIPs take the certs on his/her own before giving it to the graduants – no trays, so no one needs to hold the trays for the chancellor/vice chancellor..thus, the stage is not crowded by a handful of helpers just to hand in the certs..

and the family of the graduants are free to cheer their son/daughter while he/she is receiving his/her degree..so some family members sing a song for their kid, some family members do haka! and people listen to it respectfully..

those graduated, congratulations fellow Victorians!

now i’m praying, so i can be here to graduate, Godwillingly..i’ll post up some photos from the ceremony later.. 🙂


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