of their expectations..

i’ve arrived at home sweet home safely alhamdulillah and i only get to see my dad today, three days after arriving home..and the reason being, he does not love me! *sulking tone*

so we had a long talk just now and it included the following..

ayah : when do you want to take your license..?

me : uh..?what license..?ayah, did you forget that i already have a driver’s license..?

ayah : owh, not that license..you can frame that one you know, i’ll get you one big frame for that..haha..take this key..*giving the key to a manual car*

me : taknakkkkk~!!!

ayah : when do you want to take a diver’s license..?you can help my friend coach diving soon..they pay a lot..

me : uh..?why should i..?i’m NOT interested..

ayah : come on..it’s beautiful down there..didn’t you remember what you saw the last time you dove with me..?

me : didn’t you remember how i strangled to surface up..?

so my dad can dive in an open sea, and he coaches sometimes when he’s free..and he’s been expecting me to be able to do what he’s able to do..and since i was little, he’s got me involved in things like archery, horse riding, swimming, SHOOTING, play softball, chess and what not..

well, i followed all since i was helpless back then but now that i’m in control of basically everything, i can choose what i want to do..and that includes not taking a license, at least for now..i’m scared of heights, be it above or below the water level..i can’t handle the speed and the pressure..plus it’s dark down there..

well my brother practically is doing good in everything that ayah has been wanting us to do..he’s now a professional chess player, love doing things with ayah and technically belittled my skills! well, not just him, my younger cousins have been doing the same thing..wu~how bad could it be..i can still drive automatic cars!

yes, i can’t remember how to drive manual cars, i don’t think i’m fit enough to spend hours to get the diver’s license and yes i’m so lazy to think to play chess..but duh~i don’t care..haha..no use in trying people 🙂

anyway, i’m loving my holiday break..i’ve got to see people i miss so dearly..can’t wait for more!


6 thoughts on “of their expectations..

  1. welcome homezzzzz the subject of envy to the welli girlss yg x balik for summer. haha. lolz. kiddin. jom jumpe bile2 ko free.

    1. ko dh blk msia ke poms..?aku start lepak putrajaya next month..bile ko free poms..?

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