on a special note..

But love is blind, and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that themselves commit.
William Shakespeare



i think it’s happening to me 🙂



7 thoughts on “on a special note..

    1. hahaha..apekah..owh, asal shakespeare je bercinta eh..?isk isk mcm ni la org2 lit eh..

  1. shakespeare!! aww.. give me a break!!


    ini sonnet yg die explain what love is not ke?
    i really like that one.
    xigt sonnet number bpe, i’ve had enough of his 154 sonnets. huhu.

    1. owh, it’s a play poms..the merchant of venice is a play..it’s something funny, tapi drama jgak sebenarnya..ada la element lelaki menyamar jadi perempuan mcm twelfth night..ada nama antonio..ada pattern sebenarnya apa yg shakespeare tu tulis..and ada part where the characters declare their love under the moonlight..sgt typical of shakespeare..

      1. yeah. during hi time, Italy was looked up to because Italy was the birthplace of renaissance. mcm ourselves nowadays like to relate ourselves with everything western, shakespeare spices his works with everything Italy. the names, the names of places, culture. in romeo and juliet, he sets the place in verona (hence the movie “letters to juliet” was set in verona la kan). lolz. nama antonio is typical Italian names. so is Venice (located in??). hehe.

        and his sonnets and plays share some(if not all) of the same themes because, despite the fact that those sonnets and plays came from the same mind (lolz), sonnets were written while the plague came about. so during this short break from staging plays, he wrote his sonnets while at the same time coming up with new plays to be staged after the plague has gone. hehe.
        short elabo nih. bayar2.

        1. tapi poms, antonio banderaz bukan italian kan..?haha..nah~aku merepek..but uh..?bayar..?baik..*kira2 coins* T_T

          1. ala.. region2 die la tu.. macam kite share some indonesian names la. lolz!

            okay, *mengutip2 coins* tima kaseh. tima kaseh.

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