of winning, and losing..

the world has evolved into a platform where winning is the source of survival – no, i’m not talking anything capitalistic-related here, though it might sound like it but nope, i’ve had enough of political science..

situation one

a friend of mine, a very dear friend to me is currently contemplating about her workload for the current semester – that she has to be committed to all the readings (which reads: more than the usual number of readings that she has to do)..and how such workloads have been affecting her emotional being eventhough she’s only in her second week of the new semester..

situation two

a different person has been longing for a short (may be long) break or escape both from his work and the concrete jungle (as he terms it) because the workloads and the  stress resulting from the workloads have been crunching his physical and emotional state..

situation three

i’ve been very mobile and physically active these past few days even though i’m biologically very tired from the long journey and the lack of proper rest..as a result, my body gave in to cough, cold and the gas..

to situation one & two, both person one and person two need to be mentally strong to a) be able to complete all the course requirements to graduate and b) to be able to keep the job..so the competition within self one is between her motivations – to be mentally strong or give in and worry not about burdening her mental ability..and as for self two, the competition is between his motivation and his desires – how long would it take before he completely give in to his mental exhaustion and make an emergency call to a sweet escape..

well, to situation three, biology speaks for itself that physical being seems to be losing the competition..end of story..

so my conclusion is – if self one can manage the workloads, she can fulfill all the requirements and eventually get her hands on the graduating trencher..if self two can manage the stress, he can spare some good positions in the future, and may be set his feet on one of the beautiful places, worry-less..

the question is, why we have to win to survive..?can’t we lose but still surviving..?


2 thoughts on “of winning, and losing..

  1. hurmphh.. hurmphh..

    i think i know who self one is. lolz. is he(or she) that monkey doodle-dee-doodle-ley-always-whining-and –contradicting-him(or her)-self-every-time-things-when-wrong chap? yeap. i think i know. haha!

    winning ourselves, driving self to stay afloat and not succumbing to pressure. difficulties, mental-disturbance and chaos is a whole other thing, kan? if i may try to understand ur question, then i guess by winning ourselves some vote of confidence, which is coming from our own mental ability, then losing it to just win comes easily. am i rambling? lolz.

    anyway, i’m swimming vigorously here, trying to stay afloat. thanks yu, for ur great concern. now that u have so much time in ur hand, u can reanalyze your dear friends around u kan. hahaha! that’s interesting. kehkeh.

    1. kadang2 aku rs kte work so hard that we don’t deserve failure..xpe poms..you can do it! so now you have to be mentally and physically strong..yes, i was talking about you poms! 🙂

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