of my marriage :p

i was talking with gundam just now when i got this idea – to write about my wedding plan..acheng, aku tak main facebook malam ni..tapi, salahkan gundam..aku ym dgn dia..so lambat siapkan review kau..haha..

1.) i’ll be my own wedding planner..i’m a perfectionist remember..?

2.) i’ll do the majlis akad at a mosque..

3.) i’ll do some elaborate photography sessions..

4.) i’ll make a small feast in an exclusive restaurant for closest friends and families..

so nope, i don’t want pelamin, i don’t want bersanding and i don’t want to parade myself..*crossing fingers* please grant me someone who shares the same plan for his wedding..

i think it’s not wise to spend so much on wedding itself because the most important part of it is not the wedding but the marriage..so let’s betulkan yang biasa, dan biasakan yang betul..

owh, and a cartier 🙂


the Cartier!

8 thoughts on “of my marriage :p

    1. uh..?that’s just the plan..pelaksanaan mungkin agak jauh lagi..adkah kau bercita2 utk majlis yg simple jgak amir..?now i know who can be the groom *wink* haha..

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