have you had your playtime..?


image from professor G 🙂

i’m writing this from my bias perspective, i’m admitting it..but that is what i’m seeing..

there’s a woman i know, a divorcee, who has two kids – two very young kids..so as a single mother, she has to work twice as hard, so that she can afford all the expenses (now that she can’t split the expenses with her husband)..

the mother is a business woman, so she has to handle the business on her own..plus the two kids, and the mother’s parents, including an ill father and currently an ill brother as well..

the mother seems to quite lose her control over a lot of things – she’s a human, not a superhuman, so that is pretty much a normal thing when there’s a big responsibility that you have to carry with you..

but what i’m very concern about is her kids..since the mother has not much time to spend with her kids, the mother sends her kids to tuition centers to keep them occupied..let me tell you her kids’ ages..they both 6 and 7 year olds..come on, when i was that small, i was busy enjoying my childhood with my younger brother..we climbed up the water tank, we went fishing at a pond behind the neighbourhood and nope, we attended no tuition..

i know learning is crucial at that age and education should begin as early as possible hence they are sent to tuition centers..but wait kakak! there’s another thing crucial to kids’ development..they need playtime..and most importantly, they need you to join them during their play time..i know i’m not going through what you’re going through but hey, the kids might have a very bright future ahead of them so do you want to be responsible for ruining the possibility..?

you can never get the free time to come to you, you have to MAKE it available..i’m just saying..

“Outside light triggers the synthesis of vitamin D and stimulates the pineal gland, the part of the brain that helps regulate the biological clock and is vital to the immune system.” (Pica, 2010)

“Contact with nature improved attention spans and self-control in kids, including those diagnosed with ADHD.” (Taylor & Kuo, 2010)


4 thoughts on “have you had your playtime..?

    1. that’s such a cool vid amir! thanx..yep..now i have to keep playing, so my brain wouldn’t shrink like the couch-potato homer! LOL!

  1. There was a boy raised by a single mother ever since he was 4, not to forget his sisters 2 and almost 1 at that time. The mother even had to support the grandma that was staying w them. And she only earned a little to support them. They (young siblings) were not allowed to play outside of the house due to a number of kidnapping cases at that time. The grandma was not so strong to keep an eye on the siblings. So the mother bought them LEGO for them to play w.

    But come on, for sure those kids would be boring w all the same things everyday. The boy especially, always looked at the other kids who managed to play happily around his house. He thought to himself, “best nye kalau…”

    But he never said that to anyone, not even his mum. When the mother returned from her work, that was the happiest moment of the kids, doing the ‘laporan harian’ to the single mother.

    When the kids turned 6, I think it was one of the best moment for the kids bcoz they got to play as much as they cud. Sure they didnt get much attention from their mother but she tried her very best to raise those kids. Many would like to adopt the kids to lighten her burden. But then, she refused. She wanted to raise them herself.

    I know ure bias, ayuzie. But to be able to raise the kids on her own, from my point of view , that single mother sure is one tough woman ever lived on this planet =)

    1. yes she is, no doubt..i’m just trying to make that kakak see, tuition is not the best solution..its her presence that matters..you know that too kan jack.. 🙂

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