dimana kan ku cari ganti..

sorry, this is not another update for the travelogue 😦 but when i was in the car with Yot and Lea just now i heard this one particular song which i grew fond immediately toward it and i couldn’t stop myself from searching for that song in youtube..i’m a big fan of P. Ramlee’s movies and songs, but i’m not an avid fan of any remakes but this song seriously touches my heart..it sounds so sincere and everlasting..sobs..hu~i’m a bit too emotional may be..but try listening to this and see if it’s just me who’s emotional or the song can really touch you heart too 🙂

here goes the lyrics

Di manakan ku cari ganti
Serupa denganmu
Tak sanggup ku berpisah dan berhati patah
Hidup gelisah

Alangkah pedih rasa hati

Selama kau pergi

Tinggal ku sendirian

Tiada berteman dalam kesepian

Dunia terang menjadi gelita
Cahaya indah tiada berguna
Keluhan hati ku menambah derita
Kini kau jua tak kunjung jelma

Di manakan ku cari ganti
Mungkinkah di Syurga
Untuk teman ketawa
Menangis bersama selama-lamanya

and here goes the brilliant piece of art


of learning..


i wish things are easier for you but it's not for me or for you to decide..

dear such and such,

1) it’s true, that the word failure exists..

2) and when failure slaps you in the face, it does not make you weak or stupid..

3) but it makes you a human..

4) because human makes mistakes and faces failures in life..

5) but you’re weak and stupid if you can’t learn anything from the failure..

6) hopefully you’ll learn by now that things can’t forever be easy..

7) and it’s a norm that you have to struggle for many things in life..

8 ) and when things aren’t on your side, make do of just anything you have around you because you’d only screw things more if you rebel..

9) i know it seems unfair to you that you have to bear with someone else’s expectation but i wish i could change that too but no, reality is, we just can’t..

10) it’s become our responsibility now..

so dear such and such, it’s time to grow up..you’ve been spoiled enough..take your time now to think for whatever is best for you and that someone else’s expectation..


this blog is under repair..

i’ve to settle down with this theme until i have more time to figure out something more like myself..urgh! nevermind, it’s hard for you to understand..hope this does not appear as an eye-sore to anyone.. 🙂 so, guess you’ll have to wait a wee bit longer for any updates..



360 degree – my travelogue part IV

from venice, we drove to Berne (Switzerland) and stopped by in the beautiful city of Lyon, France..i didn’t take much photos over there and we didn’t really explore that city so let’s just see what Berne had to offer..well, i had to say the journey itself from Italy to Switzerland was the highlight..the Alps was giving a magnificent view as it stretched from Italy to Switzerland in the east and from Germany to France in the west..it was summer but the mountains were still capped with snow..there was also a beautiful river flowing from Italy to Switzerland to captivate your eyes and hold you strong enough from falling asleep from the jet lag..it was the Spol river..there was also a big Spoleto bridge, which marked the ancient city of Spoleto but i didn’t go there..such a waste..sobs..but i got some photos of the bridge! 🙂

SWITZERLAND *click on the photo to see them in their original sizes*

this place had a lot of those..like a castle on top of the mountain..out of no where..
there were hundreds of tunnels along the way and it’s not good for claustrophobics..
can you imagine how i struggled to take this photo in a moving car from the back seat..?i wished they're right hand drive car..
this's the river i was talking about..trust me it's bluer down the hill..it's not blue here because it's streaming quickly down the hill..
there were hotels by the mountains and these hotels were offering a ski or snowboarding package for the tourists..and in summer, they were offering something like sight seeing and hitchhiking to some of the beautiful places around the mointain..
screw me for this's the best that i could get of the spoleto bridge..i wish i could stop the car! T_T
alright this's what it should look like..and this's from prof. g 🙂
this was in the clock tower area..this place was recognised as unesco's cultural world heritage site..and the people in Berne speak Bernes German..God, they have different dialects in every city..
this's the clock tower..
the aar river..this river was originated from glaciers!
this was from the side of the clock tower area..
the symbol of bern..a bear..
they're watching holland vs. spain

the next destination was Geneva..Geneva was home to the United Nations headquarter, as well as the Red Cross society..it’s home to a lot of watchmakers, and one of the most important financial centres in Europe..as for this place, it’s more convenient for you to drive around because i didn’t see much public transports as being used..and don’t be surprise if everything was just too expensive..they’re indeed very expensive there..it’s the fourth most expensive city in the world, and they managed to maintain their currency – they used swiss franc..the attractions in Geneva would be the watches!  🙂 oh, you needed to pay autobahn upon entering Switzerland..and this’s the place where the speakers spoke French..

the United Nations main entrance for VIP..visitors's access was 600m behind this entrance..
this was the landmark of the United Nations..the broken chair..
the red cross building..

but my personal favourite remains Patek Philippe.. ($_$)

this was part of the big and busy city..
the famous fountain..
pretty huh..
this was at the old town..
it's less crowded here..

i didn’t expect i needed a whole post for switzerland..but i just couldn’t help it..as a conclusion, swirzerland is indeed a beautiful country but it’s just too expensive to live in..guess i need to continue writing about the rest of my journeys in a different post!


360 degree – my travelogue part III

so last winter i went for another trip to Serbia to visit my family over there and since it’s summer time in Europe, we decided to tour some places nearby and alhamdulillah, it was an amazing experience..my whole journey consisted of a short visit in Hong Kong and Frankfurt, then to Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljiana (Slovenia), Venice & Milan (Italy), Lyon (France), Bern & Geneva (Switzerland), Munich (Germany) and on our way back, we dropped by for a few days in Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia).


i spent more than one month there so i had plenty of time to explore Belgrade and i couldn’t help myself from eventually falling in love with that country..it was a war-torn country and the language was unintelligible to me but for some reasons (may be because my family’s there) and now that i’ve seen more of the country, i found Belgrade as a fun-to-live country..they might be facing some financial issues as their currency was way too low compared to the neighboring countries which have been using Euro such as Germany, Austria and France..but because their currency’s cheap, it’s quite heaven for me to shop over there..they had a colourful summer – parade on the walking mall, photo exhibition at the garden and since it’s the world cup season, they were projecting the match everywhere possible..and they displayed a giant Jabulani in the city center..and as for muslims, it’s not so hard to find halal food around town because they were a lot of kebab shops selling halal kebab..there were also some halal meat sections in some supermarkets..

i wonder how he brought the double bass..
the photo exhibition..
you can find the same monument in zagreb..apparently serbia and croatia have some history they want to forget..
this was captured during the parade..this contingent was from italy..


i stayed in one of my family friend’s house in Zagreb and it was a very fun 2-day stay plus another family from Sarajevo was also there..we had an awesome barbecue and not to mention we had it just at the balcony of the house! we stayed up late at night playing cards and laughed hard at each other’s silly-ness..but zagreb was basically a small town, where the city center was surrounded by tramp lanes..the main attractions there were the cathedrals, monuments and parliaments..

the street in ‘centar’
to the left is a museum, named after nikola tesla..to the front is the way to the parliament..and to the right is also another museum..
the shortest cable car in Europe i guess..it travelled for only 60 meters up the steep hill..
just on front of this building was a beautiful opera house..and this building might be one of the government’s building judging from the flags on the other side of the building..
this’s the opera house..


well, we decided to stay outside of the island when we were in Venice..firstly because most of the affordable rooms in the island were sold out *we went there during the high season and we tried finding a room one week before the trip* and secondly because we wanted to have the “Italian Dinner” at that nice restaurant by the jetty *sorry i did not record the name of the hotel we stayed and the restaurant we went to*

the attractions in Venice were mainly the canals and gondola, the masquerade, the pasta (Italy in general), the museums, homes of Giacomo Cassanova and Marco Polo, the bridges, churches and squares..in high seasons the rowers would charge the tourists with ridiculous prices of EUR 100 to EUR120.00 but do bargain with them..we’ve got to tour the canals for only EUR60.00..the mode of transportation for people here’s the boat! they moved from one place to another with boats! and you can guess whether or not they are a mafia from their boats 🙂 and a must buy when you’re in Venice would be the masquerade!

the canal..
St. Mark’s Campanile
attending a masquerade party..?
san marco square..
one of the flagged house was home to giacomo cassanova..
well if you prefer to paddle on your own, do help yourself..it’s do-able 🙂

so that’s pretty much what Venice could offer..my next destination after Venice was Milan..Milan was heaven for shopaholics with unlimited credit limit on their credit card..it was home for almost all designers and what could be absent would be the smell of notes..you would wish and pray hard so your money could have sex in the wallet so they could multiply but nah~it didn’t work that way~!!! haha..do spare some extra cash, because you wouldn’t know that Louis Vuitton would speak to you! it’s pretty hard to get a car park in the city center so DO use the public transportation..they had efficient subways that would take you straight to Il Duomo..do becareful when you’re at the square because you could be approached by some people offering birds’ food and they’d ask for EUR 4.00 just for a handful of birds’ food..so do bring along some bread crumbs and avoid these people when they approached you..they’d force you to take the birds’d food..and do be careful with pick pockets as well..they could be dressing up as police officers asking you to show your money and claimed you brought too much money..don’t fall for such petty lies..

il duomo! but what’d drain out ur wallet was what’s to your left..
that’s what on your left..see that lane..?walk inside it..
this’s what it’s like from the inside..see that prada..?
sforzesco castle..
get a ride on the sight seeing milano bus, you’ll get to tour everything in the city at ease..they’ll drop and pick up the passengers back every after 45 minutes..they will charge you EUR 16 per person for the whole day..
this was inside the castle..it was scorching hot that i couldn’t afford to take more photos of what they had behind the castle..they had some sort of booths selling souvenirs and since it was the world cup season, they put up cage for people to play football and dance waka waka together! it was so much fun!
the pasta! it’s the best marinara pasta i’ve ever tasted..it was in Venice though, not Milan..

well, guess i have to continue the rest of the places in a different post!  🙂


360 degree – my travelogue pt. II

i’ve been out and about to some places last year and i think it’s still not too late for me to share some of the different experiences and encounters during the trip..i didn’t write much during the trip so hopefully i could still recover the experiences from the back of my head..

earlier last year i teamed up with my housemate and several friends of mine and we hit the northern part of New Zealand’s road and we basically covered most of the tourists attractions that could be found in the northern region..we started our journey in Wellington, drove up to Napier & Hastings (enjoying the seaview along the highway and visited the national aquarium in Napier), then we continued the journey to Taupo & Rotorua to breathe the air of the mud pools, geysers and thermal springs..trust me they stink like shit..LOL! but we got to do some adrenaline pumping activities (no i didn’t, i was a total coward, whatever..i cheered them though! :p) and i got to ride a celebrity horse 🙂

the team! 🙂
i told you it's an aquarium

we visited hamilton on our way to auckland and in auckland, some of us went shopping and because i was caught with a dramatic menstrual cramp, i got some of my friends to indulge ourselves with some “pretty things” and CHOCOLATE 🙂 and we went to the spookers that night..the spookers was a haunted hospital, situated in a spooky area that i rushed my friends to return back to the city as i couldn’t handle the eerie-ness of the journey itself..then we continued to cape reinga, with some pitstops in between – for sand surfing and beach activities 🙂 i’m not a big fan of beaches so most of the time i was behind the lenses, capturing those who love beaches..and in cape reinga, the main attraction were the lighthouse and the meeting point of the oceans..

i lost count..where was this..?haha..
thank you for the lantern ili~!
coromandel..was this there..?haha..
this was in front of the light house..and it was drizzling..
i was leading the team..kuda siti fatin ada tendency untuk join lembu instead of jalan-jalan..

it’s too long now..so i’ll just continue about the rest of the journeys in the next post..my advice for a successful road trip:

1) go out when the season is at its best : March and April in New Zeland‘s case as it’s not too cold or too hot..when it’s too cold, the road will be very slippery and if you’re to travel on the wet road, do travel after 9 in the morning and stops before 6 in the evening..

2) get a good GPS..the last thing you’d want in the journey was getting stranded in the middle of nowhere and the nearest gas station is 100 km away and sun down is in 10 minutes time..

3) get some great travel companions..it’s good to bear in mind that the larger the group is, you’d expect to see more attitudes, and you’d need to be more tolerant..

4) plan ahead! if you’re to travel during the high season, you’d end up sleeping in your car in the middle of the winter night..and you’d need to hide from the city council so you’d not get caught for peeing quietly in the bush.. :p

5) do opt for a cabin if you’re staying with a big group like us..it’s a bit inconvenient for us to stay in a dormitory so we opted for a cabin..it’s more comfortable and we only shared the toilets and the kitchen..it’s economical as well..

here are the rest of the photos of our activities when we dropped by in Taihape on our way back to Wellington..i did not have the photo of the canyon! T_T i screamed upon seeing it..

the hot water spring..
thermal rocks..?whatever..
the huka falls..
the sand dune..with my bimbo surf board
sorry for the quality of the photo but oh, would you..?got the gut..? :p

of the stigma..

single mothers are survivors..

i was doing some cleaning when i heard the newscaster mentioned something about a single mother’s right and what a particular association was offering to help lessen a single mother’s burden..some of the lines were quoted as below :-

1) “single mothers could get training in farming, making crafts, baking etc so they could use those skills to involve in industri kecil dan sederhana to improve their economical state..”

2) “your generosity is very much appreciated and to those who can afford to donate, please bank in the donation to 123456789101112..let’s help those in need” and they were showing some sad, helpless faces of the single mothers..

first and foremost, i would like to disagree with the idea that being a single mother is the biggest problem in the world and from the advertisements and promotion conducted, the media is imposing a stigma to the single mothers..a stigma which associates single parenthood to creating a less successful family, to having higher chances of making their teenagers lives’ troublesome – involve in crime, binge drinking or substance abuse..and most of the times, single mothers are associated with POVERTY..

it WAS true that in a lot of cases in Malaysia a few years back, single mothers struggled to build their lives after the male figure who should be the leader of the family or the main bread winner of the family left from death or divorce..in some cases the contributing factor to struggling-single-mothers after divorce was the irresponsible ex-husband who neglected his responsibility to support his children with his ex-wife financially which added extra burden to the non-working ex-wife..

well, those were the cases back then..and there are still some cases now..but it’s not a stagnant stage and it’s changing to get better year after year..and there are also some successful stories of single mothers but the media rarely highlight such occurrences..

i’m not saying a divorce would be a good platform for single mothers to be successful..what i’m saying is that not all divorces lead to single mothers undergoing a very sad and helpless lives..and i was questioning the status quo for associating single mothers with such stigma..

the modern women now receive better education and are sufficiently paid based on their qualification so if their marriage institutions were to fail, they can still survive to support their lives eventhough they’re now the sole breadwinner of the family..i don’t think it will increase the burden of the single mother because in some abusive cases, the presence of the ex-husband is more burdening and with the absence of the ex-husband, we can say the single-mother’s live is improved..

so moral of the story is, i believe more women are receiving better education now and i wish with better education, women can help themselves eventhough at some point in their lives, they would become a single mother..and let’s not make that status become the reasons for the miseries in the teenagers’ lives..

and just so you know, women choose to get married much later in their lives today because they’re preparing themselves for the uncertainties life would offer..

and since the media is promoting a lot of associations providing help to single mothers, please introduce this website if you happen to know any single mother who needs some financial aid..


eating out..and its consequences..

well, if i were to write anything related to last night’s AJL, i would bore you to death reading music 101 under scrutiny..so no, i’m not writing anything about AJL, though it’s still a trending topic among Malaysians..plus, it’s not for me to discuss something i’m not familiar with i.e the singers, the songs..all that i could say about AJL 25’s the orchestra was a successful piece of work, that gave amazing groove to the songs and lame hostings..i’m just saying..and as for the results, well, i didn’t know what to expect at the first place but i was further surprised with the result..and i wasn’t alone..

anyway, yesterday was a tiring day for me – having to run errands for a friend but we did had fun observing people from our bias perspectives but that’s not the story worth mentioning now..

yot brought me and lea to have some seafood dinner yesterday and since we were tired and hungry, we ate all we can (mostly because we were not paying, thankyousomuchbos!)..but the highlight was sotong bakar pedas..we ate everything with hot and warm nasik lemak and it was pure heaven until i started some frequent visits to mr. loo every 30 minutes before AJL ended..*can you imagine the timing..?* haha..

the sotong bakar wasn’t well cooked to preserve it’s texture and sweet taste..they’re cooked enough for the chilies to be edible but not the cuttlefish’s flesh..but good God it’s too delicious that i ignored the fact that i’m a bit too sensitive to half-cooked food..and now i’m paying the price..the doctor ought to be hating me if he sees me this afternoon..sorry doctor, you have to see me again..

but for those who have hulk-typed of mr. tum tum, invincible against everything, do tell me if you want to try this sotong bakar pedas..it sure will satisfy your crave for seafood..and now since i’ve had enough of seafood, i’m looking forward for some ayam pongteh treat..did i not tell you i’m big on food..? 🙂 and it’s a bless for me to live in where i’m living because it’s easy for me to indulge in peranakan food here..i love peranakan food.. 🙂

p/s: sorry i didn’t take any photos yesterday..i was too busy admiring their good taste 🙂


it’s 2011!

i’ve been delaying my new year’s post for some time and i think it’s about time..and as a student teacher, i’ve been taught to feedforward – correct a mistake and suggest what improvements can be done..so in this post, i’d reflect on what i’ve achieved, and plan on what i want to further achieve..don’t worry, i’ll pick the most significant events to be highlighted..

1) i was assigned to do some teaching experience earlier this year (around february, and i meant the first few days after i arrived in wellington from my summer break) and i was assigned to the most expensive private school in wellington – scott’s college..and being a private school, it became a place where parents would spend as much money necessary, so they could minimise their responsibility in nurturing their children..well, some parents did send their kids in hope for the best education but i’m talking about some parents who left it all for the teachers..what i could say here is that, true money could buy the best education but in some cases, there’s nothing much that the education system could do to your kids, especially when even medicine failed to do something to your kids..may be it’s best for you to really get to know your kids’ condition and make do of everything that they have..not what they could potentially have..you’d end up creating torture to your kids..

2) i realized that i’m getting serious with linguistics and i was determined to complete all the requirements for linguistics major and alhamdulillah, i managed to finish them on time and got my lecturer to approve my honours application but the problem was with my sponsorship, whether or not they would allow me to complete my honours year..well, i’d not give up trying to get the scholarship so let’s pray that MARA will eventually approve my application..

3) i’ve checked some of the places in the world’s map as “been here” last winter (european summer) and i really enjoyed my time over there..i’ve seen a lot of different things, different cultures, different languages, different people and different attitudes..it’s more than just being away, enjoying my time and spending a lot of money..it’s more like a learning process, of coming to realize that there were some other ways of thinking and looking at things..and those different ways could actually help create a more civilized nation..it’s the simplest things like keeping a street and public toilets clean..like greeting customers when they enter a shop..or providing a friendly service even though it’s already 4:00 pm in fridays’ afternoons..

4) and fencing..?i didn’t expect to fall in love with this sports but i guess i just did..i’ve got wonderful team, wonderful coaches, wonderful events and PAINFUL competitions & trainings..haha..but fencing was one of the things that have been keeping me sane while i struggled with my submissions and classes..couldn’t wait to go back and train again..and compete again..

5) oh! i developed a HUGE crush to one of my classmates..he’s a kiwi chinese and he has a twin and he dances like nobody’s business..he’s a kid tho..and i don’t do kids..sobs..but the good news is he’s still gonna be in uni this year and i’ve completed all my requirements so i’m free to do any courses i like and i would shop for classes so i could be in the same class with him again..gee~sorry boyfriend! 🙂

6) last raya was the last raya for me and my kiwi friends..so next raya would be in Malaysia, and baju kurung would be compulsory.. T_T i sure would miss to be able to come to open houses straight from fencing training and not wearing my baju kurung..and i would miss breaking fast as early as 5pm as well..

sorry, 5 & 6 were not achievements :p

and what i want to further achieve..?

1) for MARA to approve my honours application..

2) i’m planning to take some history courses next trimester and i’m putting high expectations on that course so hopefully it will turn out well and meet my expectations..

3) improve my fencing skills..

4) travel the south island!

5) prepare myself for that 3-month practical in MRSM..

6) a successful relationship..


of lies..

well, it’s pretty hard for girls to get permission from their parents to go out at night especially here in Malaysia..of course parents won’t easily let their child go with the current crime rates..the outside world sounds way too dangerous for their innocent child..

but as the rebellious (of course they are not innocent!) kids, they know where they’re going, with whom, and they believe they can take good care of themselves because of the number of participants presence, those kids will find their way out and eventually make their parents say “yes, you can go but bla bla bla bla” nah~nevermind, the most important part of the speech is the first word..so yes, hello night time out!

so now let’s look at some examples from my friends, who are such a pain in the arse!

Nur Fazliah Sallehuddin

she lives with her grandmother, so it’s always hard to get permission from Nanna..her mom would let her go with not much questions ask, but Nanna is the real big deal..so when we were planning to celebrate new year the other day, Lea said this to her grandmother..

Lea : Mak, Lea nak kena pegi PD malam ni..ada event dengan orang petronas macam aritu..esok Lea balik..

Nenek : Oh, hal keja..tak pe lah..nak buat macam mana..

*Lea lied to her grandmother by telling her she’s going out for some work-related matters when she wanted to have fun!..isk isk isk*

Nur Hidayati Idris & Nurul Nadiha Aein Idris

So Yot was given a big responsibility to manage his father’s petrol station so she’s expected to be committed to her work and she’s kinda has a denied access to ‘having fun’..haha..but since some of our friends have been putting extra efforts to gather most of us during the new year, both Yot and Nurul needed to find their way out and made excuses to their father..Nurul used to live with her friend when she’s in college so her dad trusted this particular name because that particular person has helped Nurul a lot..

Nurul : Babah, malam ni Nurul dengan adik (Yot) nak pegi makan steam boat kat umah Mas..Mas belanja..

Babah : Ha, jangan balik lambat..

Nurul : Mak si Mas ajak tido sana tapi..

Babah : Ok..

LOL! God! we cancelled the steam-boat plan because some of our friends couldn’t make it to Melaka but the steam boat plan was still being used and that sleep over part was all being created out of nowhere! adoiii!

Nor Ayu Zie Muhammad Khairul Anuar

Yes, i had to do it too..my mom permitted me to go with no questions asked..even Nanna didn’t say a thing..until my brother said something..

Idin : Long, kau nak pergi mana..?

Me : PD, kenapa..?

Idin : Kau nak celebrate new year kan..?kau jangan nak mengada ngada eh..dah la banyak rempit kat PD tu..dengan road block semua..kau nak tidur mana malam ni..?kau baru plan kan..?jangan harap kau nak dapat mana-mana accommodation..kau nak camping kan..?kau jangan pergi la long!

Me : Shit!

Umi : Ayu nak tidur mana malam ni..?umi lupa nak tanya..

Me : Oh, Yot dah book TM resort..

i couldn’t believe it i had to lie to umi about the accommodation thingy..of course umi wouldn’t let me go if she knew i was about to camp with the girls..and some of them even brought their boyfriends to join us..uwaaa..sorry umi, i didn’t mean to lie..blame idin for having such a big mouth..urgh!


so yesterday, Nurul had to lie again to her dad because we needed that time out to celebrate yot’s birthday..she said we’d go to Kuala Sungai Baru to eat ikan bakar but nope, we went to eat some peri-peri chicken at Nandos..on our way back we talked about all these lies and Nurul concluded and i quote..

“i felt bad about making all these lies but i made it for the happiness of a lot of people..i think i’m really an expert now..so if i were to have kids, they have to outsmart me to cheat me..i knew all the tactics..”

forgive us parents 😥


criminal 1 (left) YOT | criminal 2 (right) LEA


criminal 3 (center) NURUL a.k.a ENON


the helpless birthday girl was using BEATS by Dr. Dre..thanx to ashraff..it helped keeping her calm..