of what i observed..

i’ve been helping a friend at her petrol station for a week now but since day one, i’ve never worked outside of her office i.e at the petrol pumps..but today the station’s organizing a local campaign where selected customers would be rewarded with a goodie bag filled with snacks, kids would be given free balloons and everyone was served with free cold drinks..and so, i needed to work outside of the office with the rest of the station’s team..

from my observation, i found out that

1) malaysian cars were overly packed with passengers..i saw a sedan car, which should contain up to 5 passengers, was used to carry 8 passengers in it..

2) some people rode motorcycle without proper headgear and some parts of the motorcycle were malfunctioning..

3) kids were let off to the mesra shop without proper supervision from their parents..

4) aha, some kids were not taught to be well mannered – that they needed to ask kindly if they needed someone else to do them some favours and they needed to return the favours with a simple thank you..

5) people were too embarrassed to asked..

it’s pitiful seeing a lot of people were packed into one small car..i wonder why the government still wants to sell the national cars unreasonably expensive..can’t you see now the citizens can’t afford the expensive cars and they’re risking their safety in that sedan car..?they can really use the extra space of a local mpv if it is sold with a reasonably cheaper price..

then it’s the same old issues with attitude..so if it is a kampung area or where police rarely put up a roadblock in that area, people can ride motorcycles without helmet and ride in a wrong route..?when on earth the malaysian riders can discipline themselves to follow the rules..?they really wish they could end up in the road accident statistics couldn’t they..?

and here i don’t want to act “smarter-than-thou” because i have no kids yet and i’ve never experienced raising any either..but one thing i know, education should start as early as possible and kids should be taught how to properly ask for help and thanking the persons who have helped them..and parents should model that to their kids too..i mean, you don’t want the future generation to grow up to be a snobbish generation do you..?

well my fellow malay readers, if you don’t ask, you won’t magically get what you want..please don’t expect some other people to come and tell you what you want to know..the keyword here is effort..you should learn to be responsible to yourself..

but it was a good day afterall..



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