happy birthday yot and cek..

tomorrow will be the birthday of one of my closest friends, yot..she’s my school mate back in high school..i didn’t know how we got this close because i was close with her twin, not her because her twin was my roommate..ah well, anyway, thinking that tomorrow is her birthday, i grew sentimental towards all the memories we had since high school..

we became close when i voluntarily joined the backdrop team who had their own station in the art’s room..well, i joined them because i was envious that they got to escape classes..owh, i wasn’t a good kid back in high school..what i looked forward was to have the chance to skip classes..so yep, my prayer was answered by joining the backdrop team..yot and her twin were already in that team when i joined..

we had a lot of fun together..we learned how to make stencils, how to thoroughly cut the polystyrene board, how to measure a wall so you could get the wordings centralized..etc etc that we grew fond of the art’s room and eventually made that room as our permanent station..we basically made the backdrop for all of the events that our school organized or participated..we got to skip prep classes and stayed back to finish colouring the letters and our coordinating teachers would buy us roti canai, nasi goreng and whatever we wished to eat..we felt like we were in heaven!

may be we skipped classes too frequently that our teachers grew mad at us and a few of them went down to the art’s room looking for us..yot and her twin were in different classes and there was this one time, when yot’s chemistry teacher mistakenly scolded cek (yot’s twin) for skipping his class..it was so hilarious that the teacher scolded the first person he saw as he opened the art room’s door, without realising he was scolding a wrong person..he claimed yot had skipped his classes for two weeks when yot was only absent for two classes..and as to prove yot had been missing a lot of lesson, he asked yot to complete an ionic equation in front of the class..well, obviously yot couldn’t finish the equation therefore, he used that chance to scold yot..the situation went like this :-

teacher : ha, kan dah tak dapat buat..betul kan awak tak datang semalam..lagi nak tipu saya cakap awak datang..

a different student raised up his hand and said :-

student : cikgu, semalam bukan public holiday ke..?

then a different student continued :-

student : cikgu, kita belum masuk lagi chapter ni..kelas cikgu lagi satu je dah belaja..

the whole class laughed! yot was saved by her classmates..

well, both of us were not sprinters..we ran 400m for a bit but not 100m..but when we were in the upper form, we ran out of short distance athletes so for the sake of having anyone to run for the sporting houses, both yot and i were forced to run for the 100m relay team..both yot and i were the 1st runners! i knew i wasn’t good and i knew yot too was forced to join the team..so i told her to slow down and wait for me because i didn’t want to get embarrassed..but since yot was better and i was too slow, she left me! she broke her promise! so she came 3rd and i came 4th before the baton was passed..damn you yot! and as for cek, she wasn’t athletic at all..she met our ko-ku teacher and volunteered herself to be the chip collectors so she can escape all the events..hampeh gila cek!

and as for cek, she’s my partner in crime because it’s easier for us to plan to skip classes because we were roommates..so if i saw cek walked passed my class, i knew she would either went to the station or to our dorm to sleep! so when i finished the class, i would go find her and joined her, forgetting that she was a genius and i was in the last class..

i was staying up with cek reading some biology to prepare for a quiz the next morning..we shared the same teacher so we practically covered the chapters at the same pace..so i thought studying with cek would help me to score the quiz..after a couple of hours cek gave up and said “yu, aku nak tido dah la” and since i was a coward, and thought that i’ve learned enough, i said “eh takut la aku kena stay up sorang-sorang..aku pun nak tido!”

the next day when we’ve finished the quiz, i asked cek how did she found the quiz..and cek told me “susah la..aku tak tau apa aku jawab..mati la aku kena bebel dengan munchy” i was quite surprised because i thought the quiz was do-able! and when the results came out, cek successfully scored a B3 and i passed with just a passing mark..so an un-doable quiz was a B3 for cek, and a do-able quiz was a passed for me..therefore, the conclusion was, both yot and cek were unreliable!

cek loved reading malay novels and as a bedmate, of course i would’ve got influenced..so i read all the novels she read..she’s a very fast reader while i was so slow because i was a dyslexic and because she could finish a novel so fast, she could afford to stay up at night doing some revision..and as a slow reader, i used those times to finish the novels and not my school books..and cek would wait for me to finish the novels and would discuss it with me when i was done reading..now, cek, you’re the reason why i flunked my SPM! hahahaha..

anyway, penat dah bebel pasal korang..happy birthday YOT and CEK! πŸ™‚ p/s: aku takde scanner and gamba yang aku amek pakai camera jadi blur! urgh..


gambar ni mencerminkan korang :p

2 thoughts on “happy birthday yot and cek..

  1. hahaha! kenapa aku taktau part cikgu kimia tuh weh? haha. tapi ko memang penakut pon! kesian chek! anyway, ko pembuli jugak! πŸ˜‰

    1. weh, selalu kot derg ulang cite psl cikgu amat ngadi tu..haha..sumpah kelakar ok bila yot cerita..p/s: apa hasil kepulangan kau smlm..?neves aku nk tau cik bashrah ckp apa..haha..

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