of lies..

well, it’s pretty hard for girls to get permission from their parents to go out at night especially here in Malaysia..of course parents won’t easily let their child go with the current crime rates..the outside world sounds way too dangerous for their innocent child..

but as the rebellious (of course they are not innocent!) kids, they know where they’re going, with whom, and they believe they can take good care of themselves because of the number of participants presence, those kids will find their way out and eventually make their parents say “yes, you can go but bla bla bla bla” nah~nevermind, the most important part of the speech is the first word..so yes, hello night time out!

so now let’s look at some examples from my friends, who are such a pain in the arse!

Nur Fazliah Sallehuddin

she lives with her grandmother, so it’s always hard to get permission from Nanna..her mom would let her go with not much questions ask, but Nanna is the real big deal..so when we were planning to celebrate new year the other day, Lea said this to her grandmother..

Lea : Mak, Lea nak kena pegi PD malam ni..ada event dengan orang petronas macam aritu..esok Lea balik..

Nenek : Oh, hal keja..tak pe lah..nak buat macam mana..

*Lea lied to her grandmother by telling her she’s going out for some work-related matters when she wanted to have fun!..isk isk isk*

Nur Hidayati Idris & Nurul Nadiha Aein Idris

So Yot was given a big responsibility to manage his father’s petrol station so she’s expected to be committed to her work and she’s kinda has a denied access to ‘having fun’..haha..but since some of our friends have been putting extra efforts to gather most of us during the new year, both Yot and Nurul needed to find their way out and made excuses to their father..Nurul used to live with her friend when she’s in college so her dad trusted this particular name because that particular person has helped Nurul a lot..

Nurul : Babah, malam ni Nurul dengan adik (Yot) nak pegi makan steam boat kat umah Mas..Mas belanja..

Babah : Ha, jangan balik lambat..

Nurul : Mak si Mas ajak tido sana tapi..

Babah : Ok..

LOL! God! we cancelled the steam-boat plan because some of our friends couldn’t make it to Melaka but the steam boat plan was still being used and that sleep over part was all being created out of nowhere! adoiii!

Nor Ayu Zie Muhammad Khairul Anuar

Yes, i had to do it too..my mom permitted me to go with no questions asked..even Nanna didn’t say a thing..until my brother said something..

Idin : Long, kau nak pergi mana..?

Me : PD, kenapa..?

Idin : Kau nak celebrate new year kan..?kau jangan nak mengada ngada eh..dah la banyak rempit kat PD tu..dengan road block semua..kau nak tidur mana malam ni..?kau baru plan kan..?jangan harap kau nak dapat mana-mana accommodation..kau nak camping kan..?kau jangan pergi la long!

Me : Shit!

Umi : Ayu nak tidur mana malam ni..?umi lupa nak tanya..

Me : Oh, Yot dah book TM resort..

i couldn’t believe it i had to lie to umi about the accommodation thingy..of course umi wouldn’t let me go if she knew i was about to camp with the girls..and some of them even brought their boyfriends to join us..uwaaa..sorry umi, i didn’t mean to lie..blame idin for having such a big mouth..urgh!


so yesterday, Nurul had to lie again to her dad because we needed that time out to celebrate yot’s birthday..she said we’d go to Kuala Sungai Baru to eat ikan bakar but nope, we went to eat some peri-peri chicken at Nandos..on our way back we talked about all these lies and Nurul concluded and i quote..

“i felt bad about making all these lies but i made it for the happiness of a lot of people..i think i’m really an expert now..so if i were to have kids, they have to outsmart me to cheat me..i knew all the tactics..”

forgive us parents 😥


criminal 1 (left) YOT | criminal 2 (right) LEA


criminal 3 (center) NURUL a.k.a ENON


the helpless birthday girl was using BEATS by Dr. Dre..thanx to ashraff..it helped keeping her calm..

2 thoughts on “of lies..

  1. bongok nye idin! kahkahkahkahkahkah. tergolek aku gelak baca ape idin cakap. suka je sebok2 hal orang. haha

    1. aku rs mungkin sebab tu aku ditakdirkan ada 1 je adik..kalau ada banyak, silap2 ada yang rantai aku siap2 taknak kasik keluar..haha..

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