it’s 2011!

i’ve been delaying my new year’s post for some time and i think it’s about time..and as a student teacher, i’ve been taught to feedforward – correct a mistake and suggest what improvements can be done..so in this post, i’d reflect on what i’ve achieved, and plan on what i want to further achieve..don’t worry, i’ll pick the most significant events to be highlighted..

1) i was assigned to do some teaching experience earlier this year (around february, and i meant the first few days after i arrived in wellington from my summer break) and i was assigned to the most expensive private school in wellington – scott’s college..and being a private school, it became a place where parents would spend as much money necessary, so they could minimise their responsibility in nurturing their children..well, some parents did send their kids in hope for the best education but i’m talking about some parents who left it all for the teachers..what i could say here is that, true money could buy the best education but in some cases, there’s nothing much that the education system could do to your kids, especially when even medicine failed to do something to your kids..may be it’s best for you to really get to know your kids’ condition and make do of everything that they have..not what they could potentially have..you’d end up creating torture to your kids..

2) i realized that i’m getting serious with linguistics and i was determined to complete all the requirements for linguistics major and alhamdulillah, i managed to finish them on time and got my lecturer to approve my honours application but the problem was with my sponsorship, whether or not they would allow me to complete my honours year..well, i’d not give up trying to get the scholarship so let’s pray that MARA will eventually approve my application..

3) i’ve checked some of the places in the world’s map as “been here” last winter (european summer) and i really enjoyed my time over there..i’ve seen a lot of different things, different cultures, different languages, different people and different attitudes..it’s more than just being away, enjoying my time and spending a lot of money..it’s more like a learning process, of coming to realize that there were some other ways of thinking and looking at things..and those different ways could actually help create a more civilized nation..it’s the simplest things like keeping a street and public toilets clean..like greeting customers when they enter a shop..or providing a friendly service even though it’s already 4:00 pm in fridays’ afternoons..

4) and fencing..?i didn’t expect to fall in love with this sports but i guess i just did..i’ve got wonderful team, wonderful coaches, wonderful events and PAINFUL competitions & trainings..haha..but fencing was one of the things that have been keeping me sane while i struggled with my submissions and classes..couldn’t wait to go back and train again..and compete again..

5) oh! i developed a HUGE crush to one of my classmates..he’s a kiwi chinese and he has a twin and he dances like nobody’s business..he’s a kid tho..and i don’t do kids..sobs..but the good news is he’s still gonna be in uni this year and i’ve completed all my requirements so i’m free to do any courses i like and i would shop for classes so i could be in the same class with him again..gee~sorry boyfriend! 🙂

6) last raya was the last raya for me and my kiwi friends..so next raya would be in Malaysia, and baju kurung would be compulsory.. T_T i sure would miss to be able to come to open houses straight from fencing training and not wearing my baju kurung..and i would miss breaking fast as early as 5pm as well..

sorry, 5 & 6 were not achievements :p

and what i want to further achieve..?

1) for MARA to approve my honours application..

2) i’m planning to take some history courses next trimester and i’m putting high expectations on that course so hopefully it will turn out well and meet my expectations..

3) improve my fencing skills..

4) travel the south island!

5) prepare myself for that 3-month practical in MRSM..

6) a successful relationship..


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