eating out..and its consequences..

well, if i were to write anything related to last night’s AJL, i would bore you to death reading music 101 under scrutiny..so no, i’m not writing anything about AJL, though it’s still a trending topic among Malaysians..plus, it’s not for me to discuss something i’m not familiar with i.e the singers, the songs..all that i could say about AJL 25’s the orchestra was a successful piece of work, that gave amazing groove to the songs and lame hostings..i’m just saying..and as for the results, well, i didn’t know what to expect at the first place but i was further surprised with the result..and i wasn’t alone..

anyway, yesterday was a tiring day for me – having to run errands for a friend but we did had fun observing people from our bias perspectives but that’s not the story worth mentioning now..

yot brought me and lea to have some seafood dinner yesterday and since we were tired and hungry, we ate all we can (mostly because we were not paying, thankyousomuchbos!)..but the highlight was sotong bakar pedas..we ate everything with hot and warm nasik lemak and it was pure heaven until i started some frequent visits to mr. loo every 30 minutes before AJL ended..*can you imagine the timing..?* haha..

the sotong bakar wasn’t well cooked to preserve it’s texture and sweet taste..they’re cooked enough for the chilies to be edible but not the cuttlefish’s flesh..but good God it’s too delicious that i ignored the fact that i’m a bit too sensitive to half-cooked food..and now i’m paying the price..the doctor ought to be hating me if he sees me this afternoon..sorry doctor, you have to see me again..

but for those who have hulk-typed of mr. tum tum, invincible against everything, do tell me if you want to try this sotong bakar pedas..it sure will satisfy your crave for seafood..and now since i’ve had enough of seafood, i’m looking forward for some ayam pongteh treat..did i not tell you i’m big on food..? šŸ™‚ and it’s a bless for me to live in where i’m living because it’s easy for me to indulge in peranakan food here..i love peranakan food.. šŸ™‚

p/s: sorry i didn’t take any photos yesterday..i was too busy admiring their good taste šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “eating out..and its consequences..

  1. hahahaha! lawak. and to yot! no love for me. aku siap tunjukkan customer dia jalan tau. uhuhu. T______T

    1. tu la, cuba kau stay smlm..mmg rite after happy hour yot dgn gegasnya ckp “jom2 kte keluar makan, dah lapar ni”..next week dtg lagi begum..post kau skrg “direction manager” haha..

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