of the stigma..

single mothers are survivors..

i was doing some cleaning when i heard the newscaster mentioned something about a single mother’s right and what a particular association was offering to help lessen a single mother’s burden..some of the lines were quoted as below :-

1) “single mothers could get training in farming, making crafts, baking etc so they could use those skills to involve in industri kecil dan sederhana to improve their economical state..”

2) “your generosity is very much appreciated and to those who can afford to donate, please bank in the donation to 123456789101112..let’s help those in need” and they were showing some sad, helpless faces of the single mothers..

first and foremost, i would like to disagree with the idea that being a single mother is the biggest problem in the world and from the advertisements and promotion conducted, the media is imposing a stigma to the single mothers..a stigma which associates single parenthood to creating a less successful family, to having higher chances of making their teenagers lives’ troublesome – involve in crime, binge drinking or substance abuse..and most of the times, single mothers are associated with POVERTY..

it WAS true that in a lot of cases in Malaysia a few years back, single mothers struggled to build their lives after the male figure who should be the leader of the family or the main bread winner of the family left from death or divorce..in some cases the contributing factor to struggling-single-mothers after divorce was the irresponsible ex-husband who neglected his responsibility to support his children with his ex-wife financially which added extra burden to the non-working ex-wife..

well, those were the cases back then..and there are still some cases now..but it’s not a stagnant stage and it’s changing to get better year after year..and there are also some successful stories of single mothers but the media rarely highlight such occurrences..

i’m not saying a divorce would be a good platform for single mothers to be successful..what i’m saying is that not all divorces lead to single mothers undergoing a very sad and helpless lives..and i was questioning the status quo for associating single mothers with such stigma..

the modern women now receive better education and are sufficiently paid based on their qualification so if their marriage institutions were to fail, they can still survive to support their lives eventhough they’re now the sole breadwinner of the family..i don’t think it will increase the burden of the single mother because in some abusive cases, the presence of the ex-husband is more burdening and with the absence of the ex-husband, we can say the single-mother’s live is improved..

so moral of the story is, i believe more women are receiving better education now and i wish with better education, women can help themselves eventhough at some point in their lives, they would become a single mother..and let’s not make that status become the reasons for the miseries in the teenagers’ lives..

and just so you know, women choose to get married much later in their lives today because they’re preparing themselves for the uncertainties life would offer..

and since the media is promoting a lot of associations providing help to single mothers, please introduce this website if you happen to know any single mother who needs some financial aid..


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