360 degree – my travelogue part III

so last winter i went for another trip to Serbia to visit my family over there and since it’s summer time in Europe, we decided to tour some places nearby and alhamdulillah, it was an amazing experience..my whole journey consisted of a short visit in Hong Kong and Frankfurt, then to Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljiana (Slovenia), Venice & Milan (Italy), Lyon (France), Bern & Geneva (Switzerland), Munich (Germany) and on our way back, we dropped by for a few days in Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia).


i spent more than one month there so i had plenty of time to explore Belgrade and i couldn’t help myself from eventually falling in love with that country..it was a war-torn country and the language was unintelligible to me but for some reasons (may be because my family’s there) and now that i’ve seen more of the country, i found Belgrade as a fun-to-live country..they might be facing some financial issues as their currency was way too low compared to the neighboring countries which have been using Euro such as Germany, Austria and France..but because their currency’s cheap, it’s quite heaven for me to shop over there..they had a colourful summer – parade on the walking mall, photo exhibition at the garden and since it’s the world cup season, they were projecting the match everywhere possible..and they displayed a giant Jabulani in the city center..and as for muslims, it’s not so hard to find halal food around town because they were a lot of kebab shops selling halal kebab..there were also some halal meat sections in some supermarkets..

i wonder how he brought the double bass..
the photo exhibition..
you can find the same monument in zagreb..apparently serbia and croatia have some history they want to forget..
this was captured during the parade..this contingent was from italy..


i stayed in one of my family friend’s house in Zagreb and it was a very fun 2-day stay plus another family from Sarajevo was also there..we had an awesome barbecue and not to mention we had it just at the balcony of the house! we stayed up late at night playing cards and laughed hard at each other’s silly-ness..but zagreb was basically a small town, where the city center was surrounded by tramp lanes..the main attractions there were the cathedrals, monuments and parliaments..

the street in ‘centar’
to the left is a museum, named after nikola tesla..to the front is the way to the parliament..and to the right is also another museum..
the shortest cable car in Europe i guess..it travelled for only 60 meters up the steep hill..
just on front of this building was a beautiful opera house..and this building might be one of the government’s building judging from the flags on the other side of the building..
this’s the opera house..


well, we decided to stay outside of the island when we were in Venice..firstly because most of the affordable rooms in the island were sold out *we went there during the high season and we tried finding a room one week before the trip* and secondly because we wanted to have the “Italian Dinner” at that nice restaurant by the jetty *sorry i did not record the name of the hotel we stayed and the restaurant we went to*

the attractions in Venice were mainly the canals and gondola, the masquerade, the pasta (Italy in general), the museums, homes of Giacomo Cassanova and Marco Polo, the bridges, churches and squares..in high seasons the rowers would charge the tourists with ridiculous prices of EUR 100 to EUR120.00 but do bargain with them..we’ve got to tour the canals for only EUR60.00..the mode of transportation for people here’s the boat! they moved from one place to another with boats! and you can guess whether or not they are a mafia from their boats 🙂 and a must buy when you’re in Venice would be the masquerade!

the canal..
St. Mark’s Campanile
attending a masquerade party..?
san marco square..
one of the flagged house was home to giacomo cassanova..
well if you prefer to paddle on your own, do help yourself..it’s do-able 🙂

so that’s pretty much what Venice could offer..my next destination after Venice was Milan..Milan was heaven for shopaholics with unlimited credit limit on their credit card..it was home for almost all designers and what could be absent would be the smell of notes..you would wish and pray hard so your money could have sex in the wallet so they could multiply but nah~it didn’t work that way~!!! haha..do spare some extra cash, because you wouldn’t know that Louis Vuitton would speak to you! it’s pretty hard to get a car park in the city center so DO use the public transportation..they had efficient subways that would take you straight to Il Duomo..do becareful when you’re at the square because you could be approached by some people offering birds’ food and they’d ask for EUR 4.00 just for a handful of birds’ food..so do bring along some bread crumbs and avoid these people when they approached you..they’d force you to take the birds’d food..and do be careful with pick pockets as well..they could be dressing up as police officers asking you to show your money and claimed you brought too much money..don’t fall for such petty lies..

il duomo! but what’d drain out ur wallet was what’s to your left..
that’s what on your left..see that lane..?walk inside it..
this’s what it’s like from the inside..see that prada..?
sforzesco castle..
get a ride on the sight seeing milano bus, you’ll get to tour everything in the city at ease..they’ll drop and pick up the passengers back every after 45 minutes..they will charge you EUR 16 per person for the whole day..
this was inside the castle..it was scorching hot that i couldn’t afford to take more photos of what they had behind the castle..they had some sort of booths selling souvenirs and since it was the world cup season, they put up cage for people to play football and dance waka waka together! it was so much fun!
the pasta! it’s the best marinara pasta i’ve ever tasted..it was in Venice though, not Milan..

well, guess i have to continue the rest of the places in a different post!  🙂


2 thoughts on “360 degree – my travelogue part III

  1. wow… produktif sungguh. bagus la ko boleh recall lagi memori jalan2.
    teringin nak cerita pengalaman pahit manit masa pergi itali. nanti la kot.

    1. byk sebenarnya yang aku nak tulis..tapi ini pn dah penuh..i really need to research on some good templates of writing a travel journal..but yes please amir, share ur experience..

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