360 degree – my travelogue pt. II

i’ve been out and about to some places last year and i think it’s still not too late for me to share some of the different experiences and encounters during the trip..i didn’t write much during the trip so hopefully i could still recover the experiences from the back of my head..

earlier last year i teamed up with my housemate and several friends of mine and we hit the northern part of New Zealand’s road and we basically covered most of the tourists attractions that could be found in the northern region..we started our journey in Wellington, drove up to Napier & Hastings (enjoying the seaview along the highway and visited the national aquarium in Napier), then we continued the journey to Taupo & Rotorua to breathe the air of the mud pools, geysers and thermal springs..trust me they stink like shit..LOL! but we got to do some adrenaline pumping activities (no i didn’t, i was a total coward, whatever..i cheered them though! :p) and i got to ride a celebrity horse πŸ™‚

the team! πŸ™‚
i told you it's an aquarium

we visited hamilton on our way to auckland and in auckland, some of us went shopping and because i was caught with a dramatic menstrual cramp, i got some of my friends to indulge ourselves with some “pretty things” and CHOCOLATE πŸ™‚ and we went to the spookers that night..the spookers was a haunted hospital, situated in a spooky area that i rushed my friends to return back to the city as i couldn’t handle the eerie-ness of the journey itself..then we continued to cape reinga, with some pitstops in between – for sand surfing and beach activities πŸ™‚ i’m not a big fan of beaches so most of the time i was behind the lenses, capturing those who love beaches..and in cape reinga, the main attraction were the lighthouse and the meeting point of the oceans..

i lost count..where was this..?haha..
thank you for the lantern ili~!
coromandel..was this there..?haha..
this was in front of the light house..and it was drizzling..
i was leading the team..kuda siti fatin ada tendency untuk join lembu instead of jalan-jalan..

it’s too long now..so i’ll just continue about the rest of the journeys in the next post..my advice for a successful road trip:

1) go out when the season is at its best : March and April in New Zeland‘s case as it’s not too cold or too hot..when it’s too cold, the road will be very slippery and if you’re to travel on the wet road, do travel after 9 in the morning and stops before 6 in the evening..

2) get a good GPS..the last thing you’d want in the journey was getting stranded in the middle of nowhere and the nearest gas station is 100 km away and sun down is in 10 minutes time..

3) get some great travel companions..it’s good to bear in mind that the larger the group is, you’d expect to see more attitudes, and you’d need to be more tolerant..

4) plan ahead! if you’re to travel during the high season, you’d end up sleeping in your car in the middle of the winter night..and you’d need to hide from the city council so you’d not get caught for peeing quietly in the bush.. :p

5) do opt for a cabin if you’re staying with a big group like us..it’s a bit inconvenient for us to stay in a dormitory so we opted for a cabin..it’s more comfortable and we only shared the toilets and the kitchen..it’s economical as well..

here are the rest of the photos of our activities when we dropped by in Taihape on our way back to Wellington..i did not have the photo of the canyon! T_T i screamed upon seeing it..

the hot water spring..
thermal rocks..?whatever..
the huka falls..
the sand dune..with my bimbo surf board
sorry for the quality of the photo but oh, would you..?got the gut..? :p

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