360 degree – my travelogue part IV

from venice, we drove to Berne (Switzerland) and stopped by in the beautiful city of Lyon, France..i didn’t take much photos over there and we didn’t really explore that city so let’s just see what Berne had to offer..well, i had to say the journey itself from Italy to Switzerland was the highlight..the Alps was giving a magnificent view as it stretched from Italy to Switzerland in the east and from Germany to France in the west..it was summer but the mountains were still capped with snow..there was also a beautiful river flowing from Italy to Switzerland to captivate your eyes and hold you strong enough from falling asleep from the jet lag..it was the Spol river..there was also a big Spoleto bridge, which marked the ancient city of Spoleto but i didn’t go there..such a waste..sobs..but i got some photos of the bridge! 🙂

SWITZERLAND *click on the photo to see them in their original sizes*

this place had a lot of those..like a castle on top of the mountain..out of no where..
there were hundreds of tunnels along the way and it’s not good for claustrophobics..
can you imagine how i struggled to take this photo in a moving car from the back seat..?i wished they're right hand drive car..
this's the river i was talking about..trust me it's bluer down the hill..it's not blue here because it's streaming quickly down the hill..
there were hotels by the mountains and these hotels were offering a ski or snowboarding package for the tourists..and in summer, they were offering something like sight seeing and hitchhiking to some of the beautiful places around the mointain..
screw me for this's the best that i could get of the spoleto bridge..i wish i could stop the car! T_T
alright this's what it should look like..and this's from prof. g 🙂
this was in the clock tower area..this place was recognised as unesco's cultural world heritage site..and the people in Berne speak Bernes German..God, they have different dialects in every city..
this's the clock tower..
the aar river..this river was originated from glaciers!
this was from the side of the clock tower area..
the symbol of bern..a bear..
they're watching holland vs. spain

the next destination was Geneva..Geneva was home to the United Nations headquarter, as well as the Red Cross society..it’s home to a lot of watchmakers, and one of the most important financial centres in Europe..as for this place, it’s more convenient for you to drive around because i didn’t see much public transports as being used..and don’t be surprise if everything was just too expensive..they’re indeed very expensive there..it’s the fourth most expensive city in the world, and they managed to maintain their currency – they used swiss franc..the attractions in Geneva would be the watches!  🙂 oh, you needed to pay autobahn upon entering Switzerland..and this’s the place where the speakers spoke French..

the United Nations main entrance for VIP..visitors's access was 600m behind this entrance..
this was the landmark of the United Nations..the broken chair..
the red cross building..

but my personal favourite remains Patek Philippe.. ($_$)

this was part of the big and busy city..
the famous fountain..
pretty huh..
this was at the old town..
it's less crowded here..

i didn’t expect i needed a whole post for switzerland..but i just couldn’t help it..as a conclusion, swirzerland is indeed a beautiful country but it’s just too expensive to live in..guess i need to continue writing about the rest of my journeys in a different post!


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    1. tu la, kalau tak kau dah ikut dah..anyway, sorry theme blog aku tak siap lagi..bertahan la tengok..haha..

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