of learning..


i wish things are easier for you but it's not for me or for you to decide..

dear such and such,

1) it’s true, that the word failure exists..

2) and when failure slaps you in the face, it does not make you weak or stupid..

3) but it makes you a human..

4) because human makes mistakes and faces failures in life..

5) but you’re weak and stupid if you can’t learn anything from the failure..

6) hopefully you’ll learn by now that things can’t forever be easy..

7) and it’s a norm that you have to struggle for many things in life..

8 ) and when things aren’t on your side, make do of just anything you have around you because you’d only screw things more if you rebel..

9) i know it seems unfair to you that you have to bear with someone else’s expectation but i wish i could change that too but no, reality is, we just can’t..

10) it’s become our responsibility now..

so dear such and such, it’s time to grow up..you’ve been spoiled enough..take your time now to think for whatever is best for you and that someone else’s expectation..


3 thoughts on “of learning..

  1. omg yuyu. idk for whom you’re posting this for exactly. but terasa nya i! haha. thanks tau 🙂 something that I have to hear/read/see once in awhile. sesungguhnya manusia ni pelupa. thanks yea!

    1. it’s for myself too 🙂 but sorry farah..i really don’t mean to offend you..

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