it’s that place! it’s here!

so i’m back in Wellington again, after having the scariest flight ever..i really thought i would’ve died from that flight..i couldn’t even sleep during that 10 hour journey and was too sick to swallow the food given..i was so grateful that we landed safely..some twist and turn were added into the journey (that’s not worth mentioning here) but yeah, all was well, alhamdulillah.. 🙂

so on my back yesterday i saw the huge Queen Mary 2, parked just behind the westpac stadium and the length of the cruiser was as long as the westpac stadium itself..and yes, it’s even taller than the westpac stadium..such a beautiful scene to see from the air..

and the summer breeze is the same along the evans bay and oriental bay..it’s getting chiller as fall is fast approaching..and there’s something new in town..there’s a couple of new shops in front of the railway station..that mc donalds looks fresh and welcoming :p

p.s seriously a lot of things have changed jack..do come and visit this place while i’m still here~! 🙂

i’ve got my schedule sorted out but i’m still thinking of changing my Foundations for Educational Studies 101 into either |PUBL 113 – Social & Public Policy; Value and Change| or |HIST 118 – Making Europe Modern Citizens, States & Nations| or |EURO 101 – Introduction to European Studies| and i’m not considering |LING 224 – Interpersonal communication| because i would’ve classes on Fridays and the lecturers are not my favourites..but the course description is so interesting..ah well, help me make up my mind people..linguistics has always been my cup of tea but this’s the last time i could ever do something beyond what i’ve been studying..

and what now..?think i need to do some groceries shopping..God! my arms and shoulders are still sore from the travel..i’d just get something light to carry home..just for now..

and, hello university! 🙂

4 thoughts on “it’s that place! it’s here!

    1. wellington misses you too farah..it’s a bit weird seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces in town..seriously some familiar faces can make a big change! 🙂

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