so my lecturer was describing about her graduation ceremony which was held by one of the australian university..and she was describing on the process of graduating at a doctorate level..she described about the differences in the robe’s design, the medieval-inspired trencher, the kneeling process, the receiving of the cert and there was this one act that caught my attention..there’s one significant process that graduates from the academic discipline would need to undergo..it’s the “kiss of peace”..

she graduated with a doctorate in sociology and she’s in the academic field so the kiss on the cheek by someone from a different university was not a sign of “hey good job, you’ve done it!”..but it means “as academia you have to share the knowledge you have”..the “kiss of peace” by someone from a different university is a symbol of passing on the knowledge..

passing on the knowledge..it sounds so sacred to me and it’s my pleasure to share what i know because i do believe knowledge is the key to human development..

but i want to do it the way i’m comfortable with..what i do, how i do it, why do i do it would need to be shaped by me..please, i need freedom in teaching..

and before i can teach, can i please complete my honours in linguistics, do my masters in education studies and proceed my phd in linguistics again..then i’m all good to be a good teacher..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..i want to make use of my majors and i need to get my “kiss of peace” before i can teach..and i can only get that “kiss of peace” with doctorate qualification..i need a sponsor! T_____T


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