i’m a bit sentimental tonight..

i pretty much don’t have a lot of things to do today so i have a lot of time to miss the people closest to me..

1) i miss to call Yot every time after zuhur so she can pick me up and bring me to her office..

2) i miss to scream at Lea because she loves to pull my hair and pinch me every time she’s laughing hard at something funny..

3) i miss to run away from Ashraff because he’s so abusive when he’s annoyed with me..

4) i miss to go out with Nurul because she knows all the good places for good food in Melaka..

5) i miss to wait for Acheng because she’s always late but now she’s a changed person! that friend of mine is a punctual, fierce, little teacher! ou~scarry..can’t wait to go back and spend some time together at the salon cheng! you’ve a competitor now because i like your hairdresser..haha..

6) i miss it when umi takes us out for breakfast at the beach..and how nenek insisted to get me to wake up early to go find some fresh fish with her at the beach..but the nasik lemak kangkung afterward is so mouth watering!

but yeah, i’m gonna miss this place when the time comes..this place is so dear to me, as it’s the place where my love story starts..


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