some provoking thoughts..

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dear friends..i have several questions that i want us to think about..and by that i mean, think critically about all of them..

1) what is the purpose of our education system..?

2) does education offers the same opportunities to every child..?

3) who gets to decide which knowledge matters to the learners..?

4) is education all about creating good citizens..?and what do you mean when we talk about good citizens..patriotic..?willing to die for the country..?

to some people, or to most people, education would be the the initiating process of socializing the new generations with the world around them..it’s when they build the sense of connections with what’s going on with the world before they were born, and what they should do to maintain the existing social system that they have..

for example, if the grandparents and parents go to school to learn, the children would also need to go to school to learn..and since education has been reforming over time, parents see education as more crucial and therefore, the children are sent to tuition centers..so yeah, people learn that education is very important so you cannot NOT go to school or tuition..

the way i see it (and i try not to be radical and please don’t confuse critical with radical), education should be the instrument to facilitate integration among the new generations so they could think outside the structure of violence and able to resist the messages they receive from the media..so they can consciously see racism on tv as something inappropriate and bitter..

so when i see education not as what people typically sees it, as in it deviates from the ‘conventional’ idea of education, i kinda notice that education can either be the tool leading to conformity, or as a tool to show the practice of freedom..and it raises one big question here:


but one thing i know for certain, the more people deviate from the conventional idea, it will be more apparent that there’s a high sense of strangement between individual and the society..it is true that education happens in institutions but learning happens almost everywhere in this universe..so different people can learn at different places, and they don’t have to learn that one conventional curriculum like everyone else..

so yes, it can be part of the solutions if education is not conventional anymore, and yes, it could be a problem if people keep conforming to this conventional education system..


2 thoughts on “some provoking thoughts..

  1. Wanna share an interesting education quote: “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”

    p/s: buat pertama kali aku rasa taste ko dalam memilih blog theme agak bagus… haha

    1. it’s a good quote..thanx amir! 🙂

      p/s: haha..aku pandai ok menilai mn yg cantik..eh tapi dulu kau penah jgak la ske theme aku..there’s one..*muka yakin*

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