no, i’m speaking bahasa melayu la ni..

we were discussing about the revolutions of medium of instructions in the Malaysian education system in the lecture when i realised that a large group of Malaysians nowadays have the awareness that Malay language is important be it inside or outside the education system, but it is almost inevitable for us NOT to use English or Malaysian English in our daily conversation..

it’s not unhealthy, but it’s not how it should be either..but i know for certain, bahasa melayu is growing widely, despite the uproar worries about the declining number in proper use of Malay language..linguistically speaking, if a language keeps on evolving, it’s a sign that the language is being used..so any changes can be said as healthy..it’s like how the old malay evolved into classical malay and further evolved into the modern malay that we’re using..fret not, because malay language is staying.. 🙂


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