of how pain feels like..


at least when that happens, we'll be prepared..we wish..*crossing fingers, arms and legs* haha..

when i was in class this morning, we discussed about how things were going with our teaching experience..of course we complained a lot because that was what we were asked to do! so yes, we could’ve gone forever with our complains but no, we didn’t, because we knew no matter how much we hated this thing, we’d have to finish it..like it or not..

but a couple of friends and i continued our discussion *well, for some good reasons – of course* and on our way back home, here’s what we talked about..

miss a : this’s so gonna end soon..and i know i’m so gonna miss it..in one year time, i’ll talk about how i miss my student life..

miss b : i know~!!! this’s so gonna end soon..but it’s so painful to get through it..

miss a : it IS painful..but don’t worry, we’ll finish it before we know it..*nod her head*

miss b : and before we know it, we’d have five kids of our own and struggling with that phase of life..

miss a : and before we know it, everything has sagged..

miss a & miss b : uwaaa~!!! T_T

but NOPE, we don’t give up do we..?yes, we’re still picking up the last bits and pieces of our undergraduate years and trying to make things meaningful no matter how hard it gets MOST of the times *not sometimes*..

well, that’s just how life works..there will be times when you have to work with some ‘less favourable’ things and of course every second will be a painful torture..we can’t grow stronger if we don’t know how pain feels like..wish us well šŸ™‚

and here’s a movie i look forward to watch..haha..and i love the song! it’s by Madcon – Beggin’


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