a life support..

it’s the time of the year again..when things are pretty impossible to juggle with only two hands..but to think of it again, it’s not your hands or your legs..it’s your mind..you only have two hands and two legs and you can only walk in one direction at a time so whether or not you can juggle everything using the two hands and legs, depends on your beautifully crafted brain..

things do fall apart..schedule changes, plans change and projects can be successful as much as it can be a complete failure..well the list is longer if you want..

and we will know at some point whether or not we can handle all the pressures and stress..it’s just a matter of time before we can see the result and before we even know we’re capable of finishing what we’ve started..most of the the time we’re put in a situation where we don’t even want to start with it but seems like destiny doesn’t agree with what we wish so we end up doing what destiny has to offer..so yes, like it or not, successful or not, we still have to do the juggling to see the result..

it’s like, do or die!

and during such times, we could really use some kind hearts, who care enough to just listen and be the avid supporters even for that short, specific moment..when things get so freaking difficult, a kind and sincere voice saying “you’ll be fine, you’ll get through all these and we’ll celebrate before you knew it!” would really gets the sinking heart grows..and trust me the beautifully “wounded” mind needs it too to beautifully gets back to work.. 😦

as much as you need a lifetime supporter who can stand up for you even when the whole world is against you, that’s how much i need your support too..it’s reciprocal..if it is not too much to ask..

thank you for listening..


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