april fool..

it will be 01.04.2011 in a couple of hours in new zealand..and we’d be one of the earliest countries to welcome that date..and i bet a lot of the people here will be celebrating april fool and play pranks with each other..

well, i’m not a fan of april fool in any way because i don’t see the point of making fun of other people..it’s fun, seeing them getting embarrassed or getting confused like a dog who’s just lost its meal bowl..but no, it is so UNKIND..

but i do have some april fool memories.. :p

when i was a junior in high school, some of my seniors pulled pranks to us while we were dead asleep..being a junior was so tiring and eventhough i heard giggles when they were pulling the pranks, i just couldn’t afford to open my eyes to see what were they doing..

and when i woke up the next morning, my eyebrows were painted in blue, my towel was no where to be found, one of my sandals was lost, and my bodywash was mixed with washing powder..and i eventually found my towel, hanged across the dormitory block..my roommate had toothpaste drawn on her cheeks..there were more in fact..the mirrors were painted black, the clothes in the lockers were exchanged etc etc..they’re creative weren’t they..?

but the year after that the celebration was banned in school, so the seniors at that time couldn’t do any pranks to the juniors so it was a bit dull and boring but yes, they learned how to be more respectful..yes you can pull pranks to your friends but not at the cost of their pride, time, effort etc..in a more simple words, just don’t..kindly don’t..you know how bad it feels when you’re played do you..? πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “april fool..

    1. ms tu tak insomnia la..tapi aku dh jd light sleeper dh..aku dgr je derg gelak2 semua..tapi takut sbnrnya kalau bukak mata..ada jugak yg kena lagi teruk2..hoho..

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