of my birthday treat :)

let’s just say, a bunch of beautiful girls were kind enough to treat me some nice dinner for my birthday and of course we’ve got loads of photos taken and here they are, captured w dely’s ipod and kindly shared by me 😀

group photo before the food arrive..
and while waiting for our orders to come, we take a lot of potraits 🙂
the guru to kemho! tahniah nyanyah atas kejayaan improve skill :p
cik sha dan mata bulat beliau..
adhwa and the matching selendang..jacket siapa kat blkg tu wa..?
abg eny..eny, aku kekurangan gamba makanan..email kat aku please 🙂
dear cik sar..i hope you like this photo..aku letak efek glamour2 kat kau sorg je ok..
i don't have a potrait for myself..?nevermind..kem-ho-ring w erin 1..
sebab takde gamba sorang2, kena letak dua gamba..kem-ho-ring w erin II.. :p
mango chicken & mango lassi..
prawn briyani & raita..
mango lassi & that special book 😀
wawa and her tandoori chicken..
post dinner hang out..for some warm drinks..owh that's a retard-ness me!
motif..?mungkin aku yg suruh sbnrnya..haha..
cik sar yg beriya..cik sar polka tu tak cntik mcm dlm camera pn..
nyah! bulu kuceng mana kau amek ni ah..?
that's how they spell my name..all of them..

thank you girls for the treat..i really appreciate what you’ve done for me..and i’m grateful that i still have this opportunity because next year will be a different story to us all..and at that time, it will be chaotic to even reunite us..God knows where destiny will bring us..

i’ll keep all the memories so dearly, so next time i celebrate my birthday, i’ll remember the cakes that were baked for me, the never-worked-on-her surprises, the presents, the food, the place we celebrated my birthday and the wishes you gave me..i mean, i don’t have to celebrate the next birthday to remember them all..i practically reminisce all of them right now, at this instant..

much love,


Most Amazing Time Lapse Video of Milky Way Ever Made. Seriously | ShutterSalt

Most Amazing Time Lapse Video of Milky Way Ever Made. Seriously. | ShutterSalt.

this video was recommended to me by stumble upon..i didn’t take it seriously until i watched it and without knowing it i’ve been raping the repeat button like nobody’s business..i mean, the views are stunning, the movements are magical..those are the things God created that human can never dream of copying..hope you enjoy this video as much as i do..


of a tea-party :)

my friend’s family is in town for a week or so and the family would like to meet the daughter’s friends..so i got invited to their small tea-time feast with a couple more friends..the family prepared some cucur, nasi goreng and some potato gratin..and we brought along some bubur pulut hitam, french toast and some garlic bread..well, turned out we actually had our dinner there! 😀

here are some of the photos taken around the apartment they’re renting.. 8)

this spot overlooks the harbour and the view here at night is stunning..
pardon me for the blurry image..it's just a phone's camera..
the feast we had 🙂
the guests..
the guest and the host..
and the other guest..

you know, we tend to carry our own cultural practices no matter where destiny brings us because we need to feel the comfort of home even when we’re away from home..we’d want to find all the ingredients needed to cook our traditional dishes..we’d want to bring along our movies and songs so we can still hear people speak the language so dear to us..and we’d bring our traditional clothes so we can still celebrate our traditional festivals..

like my friend’s family here..when they come to visit this country, they invited the people whom they can share a lot of things with e.g food and language..or practices e.g religious obligation and cultural beliefs..i mean, we need to feel belonged to make life more beautiful and livable..and our identity defines what makes us feel belonged..

and without me realizing it, my identity is strongly shaped by the place where i come from..so i am more than happy to accept the invitation because i want to feel belonged too 🙂 i miss home, i miss my family and i miss a lot of things at home..so thank you for having us Zaty! 😀


of getting motivated..

from learning to walk, learning to cycle, learning to play, learning to drive, sitting for exams, learning to cook, playing games, playing sports, learning the responsibilities – being a child, being a brother/sister, husband/wife, being parents, being grand parents..being an employer/employee..tenant/landlord..etc etc

don't give up trying until you get it right

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we went out :)

most of my friends were out and about enjoying their well-deserved mid semester break..and since there were not many of us left, i decided to ask Dedels to take a little breather around town..*what a place for a breather* haha..ah well, we did not have many options..so yeah, we went out for some shopping – i was redeeming the my birthday voucher from Glasson *special thanks to Ika, Zaty & Jojo 🙂 * and Dedels was looking for a trench coat *though we only have around two months in Wellington*..

anyway, when i’m back in Malaysia, i’ll miss whatever this small town has to offer..as it’s Easter Weekend right now, i’m gonna miss the Easter Egg Chocolates, the sales, and the time when all shops are closed including the groceries shops –  that you can’t find a place to buy a bread or milk..

owh, we snapped some photos, so here they are 🙂

owh, i didn't notice we were wearing the same colour 🙂
Dely asked me to buy this kind of scarf when we found a cheaper and a more "temperature-friendly" scarf than this one

wee~i change the theme again..

this is my first school holiday that i don’t have anything planned..and it feels so odd..thus, i have plenty of time to change the theme of this blog..i have a few things to share, but i haven’t got the mood to write yet..so the purpose of this post is to tell you that i’ve changed the theme, and i hope you like it 🙂 there are a few other things that i want to explore with this new theme and see if i can bring a new image to my blog..

owh, for dear friends in Wellington, happy holiday! 🙂 to dear housemate, *who has just left to start a trip with her parents* have a safe journey & enjoy the trip..send my regards to your family..uwaa~!!! i miss you now k.long..

and as for me, i have to start making plans!


of my dream home..on photos..?

well, let’s just say something happened last night and that something has changed quite a few things in my life..and with such changes, i think i’m allowed to make more plans 🙂 well, let’s not say it’s a plan..it’s a wish list..can i have those below..? 😀 **click on the photo, and you’ll be taken to its origin website**

for the bedroom..

it is in white & red..
the theme is tuscan..

well, be it the contemporarily designed bedroom, or the classically themed bedroom, i need the couch to be in it..if you look at the white and red bedroom, it has a couch with red pillows on the left corner of the photo..

for the bathroom..

this goes with the contemporary bedroom..
and this is for the tuscan bedroom..

with such bathrooms, similarity between the two bathrooms..?the toilet, shower and tub are separated..why they need to be separated..?so each block is functional on its own, and is accessible if they need to be used at the same time..

and i’m gonna need a dungeon..for..?

walk-in closet

so why walk-in closet..?so i don’t need unnecessary furniture in the bedroom 🙂

so what’s next..?kitchen! 🙂 and with kitchen, because i’m not sure with the concept of the bedroom, let’s choose something in between..which is flexible to match with either the contemporary style or the classical style..

this one is a bit flexible with both of the themes..

so there’s a counter for a friend or two 🙂 well, if you’re to match the bedroom with the kitchen, you can change the table top with white stone and may be tile the wall at the stove with white tiles..so if you choose the tuscan theme, you just need to change the chairs with a more tuscan-looking chairs..

and for the living room..let’s just say i’d prefer for such space to be very minimalistic..but, i can’t be minimalistic with the tuscan theme..so let’s just say i’ve chosen the theme which is contemporary, so here’s how the living room will look like..

it is a bit too plain, and may be i’d put up a couple of black and white portraits on the wall..

 so what’s next..?dining hall..i’m a big fan of good food, so i need a good indulging area for that..

no, the lilies are not gonna be on the table :p

owh for the house..i’m gonna need an architect 🙂

and last but not least, may be a Q5..? gee~

i am NOT a good driver but this will helpfully mask that 🙂

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would you be such a man..?

Maggie Murdock: I’m gonna need you more than you need me.
Jamie Randall: That’s okay.
Maggie Murdock: [crying] No it’s not! It isn’t fair! I have places to go!
Jamie Randall: You’ll go there. I just may have to carry you.
Maggie Murdock: I can’t ask you to do that.
Jamie Randall: You didn’t.

(Love & Other Drugs, 2010)

this is not the best romantic comedy/chick flick i’ve ever seen but there’s something in it that keeps me attached to the screen – there’s chemistry in both of the main leads, but what gets me the most is the determination played by Jamie Randall..he decides to stay with a sick girl and he doesn’t ask for anything in return, though his character makes you think “can he does that..?he’s such a Casanova” well, he actually wants something he can take care of and someone who think he’s enough..

“I’m full of shit, okay? No I’m..I’m knowingly full of shit. Because, uh..because uh, uh..I have..I have NEVER cared about anybody or anything in my entire life. And the thing is, everybody just kind of accepted that. Like, “That’s just Jamie.” And then you!..God! You! You. You didn’t see me that way. I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough. Until I met you. And then you made me believe it, too. So, uh..unfortunately..I need you. And you need me” 

(Jamie Randall, Love & Other Drugs, 2010)

this movie touches me, but i’m not genuinely touched..but the script is one of the best among other romantic comedies/chick flicks..

i understand Maggie’s decision of wanting to call it a quit..their relationship i mean..i would’ve done the same thing if the situation is reversed to me..i would not want to be holding someone else’s back especially when that someone is expecting a bright future and that someone has all the potentials to become successful..trust me you would do the same too even if you’re desperately in need of extra attention and care..because everytime he needs to take you to the hospital, he’d be struggling to hide the phone calls from the people he works with and he’d be checking the time every minute while waiting for your sessions to finish..and of course it’s even harder on you when he has to spend for you, even if he can afford to..

so basically their story relies on Randall’s determination to hold on to that relationship..such a kind hearted man he is..as he says it,

“Let’s just say in some alternate universe, there’s a couple just like us, okay? Only she’s healthy and he’s perfect. And their world is about how much they’re going to spend on vacation or who’s in a bad mood that day, or whether they feel guilty about having a cleaning lady. I don’t want to be those people. I want us. You. This”

(Jamie Randall, Love & Other Drugs, 2010)

so do watch this movie if you haven’t got the chance yet..and see if you’re impressed with the script as i do 🙂 owh, but some sex scenes are just needless..especially in the first part of this movie..


do you listen..?

i was waiting for a bus to go to the school i was assigned to when a father and his son walked past me..the kid’s voice was quite loud and i could hear he was describing about the cartoon he watched..the conversation pretty much sounded like this..

kid : you know when the monster crashed the plane like this *signing how the collision took place*, the plane lost control and then it spinned! *making the sound of crashing plane* and it fell! [i’m pretty sure that kid meant span, not spinned]

daddy : owh, really..?!what happened after that..?

let’s analyze this situation..from the observation, we can tell that the kid is telling a story to his father and while the kid is so busy describing and making soundtracks for his story, the father listens carefully and give responses..so the kid tells a story, and the father listens..that’s what i want to elaborate here..the listening skills..

often times parents will tell the child what to do..so every time when the child’s exam result is not satisfying to the parents, the parents will send the child to tuition centers or strictly control the child’s TV or internet time..so parents will tell “you have to go to tuition, you have to stop watching TV and no more internet time” something like that..or if the child causes any problems at school, the parents will stop the child from seeing his friends and tell their child something like “you can’t see such and such because this and that”..

and most of the times, when the child tries to say something, the parents will go “NO, you listen to me”..

first, please parents, you need to listen to your kids..sometimes it’s not their fault at all..it could be the teacher who’s teaching math to you child was absent from school for 2 or 3 weeks without any replacements so what should be taught was not taught and thus, the child couldn’t do his/her exam..it could also be, that your child was set up by some other friends you think were ‘good’ friends and his ‘bad’ friends had been helping him out all this while..

well if you can listen to your child, there’ll be plenty of space for your child to tell you all his problems voluntarily..when you know all the things surrounding your child, it’s less likely for you to get a surprise phone call from the school telling your child is failing his exam..

and when your child can voluntarily tell you his problems, it’s highly likely for an effective communication to take place..and instead of TELLING them what they should do, ASK them what they think they NEED to do..give him the authority to his own life..make he thinks for himself about the consequences if he is to choose to do A instead of B..make him carries the responsibility..

there’s follow up after guiding the child in making the decision but let’s not go that far yet, because the basic is not strongly held, yet..

i’m not yet a parent, true, but i’m learning and i’m sharing it..so please, take your time to listen..because, if children live with criticism, they learn to condemn..but if children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect – Dorothy Law Nolte

here is the full poem

now do you get what i mean..?click to see in actual size..