of a change, are you ready..?


true, indeed..photo via http://www.stumbleupon.com

i came across a blog yesterday and the writer of the blog was a mother-to-be..may be she’s had undergone the delivery process and celebrating her new born baby by now but something about her post got me into thinking..the process of deciding to be married, and to then conceive, and to then making a birth plan..she said it was a beautiful experience that you couldn’t gain from reading or watching but you’ve to actually experience it yourself..she was prepared for the changes..she’s expecting the change..


so i was walking up the stairs from tutorial when i met one of my friends from the linguistics classes i had since my first year here..we got into talking and part of it sounds like..

me : wow, you’ve changed! like..haha..is this really you..?

him : oh i did! i saw you the other day on the bridge with your friends but i didn’t catch your eye contact so i didn’t say hi..

me : you should just come right in front of my eyes next time..haha..so what you’ve been doing..?what’s with this new figure..and you’ve got your original hair colour!

him : nah~nothing much..i’ve been running a lot these days..so yeah, i’ve lost some weight, and i’m turning what i have left to muscles..we should run together sometimes..i’m determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle..bla bla bla..


then and i met another friend from my indigenous education on my way to the library

me : hey~how are you *exchanging hug*

her : good, i’m doing good..it’s been ages since i last saw you! where have you been..?!

me : haven’t met for centuries aye! nah~i’ve been around..our classes don’t meet, so that explains.. 🙂 what course are you doing this year..?

her : oh, i’m doing some 300 level courses still, finishing my major, and i’m doing some tutoring as well..

me : you’re a tutor now..?congratulations! bla bla bla..


the people i met today have some sort of make a shift in their lives..like the first person i met, he suddenly turned into an active person when he was actually, not a person who cared much about being healthy..let alone doing any exercises..

the second person i met – she was not passionate with the course we have been taking..the indigenous education course i mean..but eventually she managed to find the “beauty” in that course that she eventually decided to complete a major in that course and that course actually landed her a job!

what i’m trying to say here is, people change for better or for worse..and that change has to occur with time..you don’t want to be at one stage for too long that you don’t make any progress in your life do you..?the question is, are you ready to start a change..?or rather, are you ever ready..?

as for myself, i’ve to ask myself things like, am i ready to work when i’m done with study..?am i ready for whatever the future has to offer..?be it marriage be it giving birth be it migrating to a different country..

and so, help yourself..ask yourself – are you ready for any change..?



4 thoughts on “of a change, are you ready..?

    1. rahsia gila pemujaan..ou~~~ :p tak belum lagi..lambat lagi 🙂 tak remaja kawen awal2.. *trying to whistle*

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