of our brain..it’s beautiful..

what happened was, i was too lazy to get out of the bed and i said no when my housemate asked me to go out with her..but a few hours after that, when the warmth of the sun penetrated into my room, it’s so automatic that i headed to the shower and get dressed and headed straight to town for a cup of chocolate chip frappucino..i was alone! because practically all the people i asked to go out with me were so busy with their studies..be it test or assignment submissions..

owh, that’s not what i wanted to share here, it’s something else..i ended up checking for a movie to watch at the cinema and i managed to get my other housemate to watch the movie with me..we watched Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro..it’s a techno-thriller..

i don’t want to spoil the movie to anyone who wants to watch it so i’ll just describe briefly what the movie is about..basically it’s about how the normal human being with restricted mental abilities, tries to discover and maximize the mental capabilities and potentials..so whatever seems impossible before, would be do-able now..for example, learn how to play piano like a pro in 3 days..or learn to speak a foreign language and able to speak fluently in a matter of months..

i’m not making a review here..because i want to talk about the central issue of this movie..of being an imperfect human being and how we so wish to be able to do things we are not capable of doing..for example, i’d want to be a math genius if i’ve been struggling with numbers..or i’d want to be able to make beautiful designs if i’ve been struggling with my drawings..you know, things like that..we want to be superhuman and we hate the flaws we have..

the image of a perfect and successful human being is so thriving in every person that people eventually make movies to imagine life if it can be that perfect..they make such movies because they know, that’s what people want to know..of the “what if i can be better at this..what if i can do this..yadda yadda yadda” and perfect to their imagination is measured by how much money and power you have..

look people..it’s true that we rarely use our mental potential and sometimes it gets so frustrating when things that look easy to some people, aren’t easy on us..

here’s a wake up call people, that’s just how life works..we are born imperfect..ask Mark Zuckerberg, does he think his life is perfect..?ok, ask someone else..ask Donald Trump..or Hugh Hefner if you like..

there will be things we are not good at..as much as we’ll have things that we are good at..and some people settled at being average in everything..and some people just couldn’t find their niche..it’s good if you’ve already found what you’re really good at but for those who has not yet find their forte, stop wishing that you can buy a magic pill which can turn you into a genius and magically change your life..

truth is, we need to pick up all the shattered pieces when we break..and try something new if we could..it’s not that we’re not good at that thing, it’s because we’re meant to be better in something else..but most of the times we’re left with no other options but to do what we don’t want to do..well, that’s the real challenge..will you gamble what you already have for a change..?

the word perfect is too abstract on its own..if you can’t find the definition by means of achieving it, create one..you’re perfect with your imperfections..trust me..


4 thoughts on “of our brain..it’s beautiful..

  1. I’ve watched Limitless… One wonderful aspect if it could be cooked by science and would be very beneficial to humanity is the retention of old memories… Quality of life for many ppl would simply sky-rocket la. Sometimes I already forgot what I did the day before. That bad.

    1. betul2..tapi aku google, yg dia ckp human can access 20% of the brain tu myth je..and if human were to be able to 100% of their brain, human tu akan jadi stupid, or mati..sama la mcm pakcik tua yg mati kat hujung cerita tu..amir seriously aku tgk cerita tu mmg aku fikir “ok ni semua set2 cerita amir” haha..but seriously, kalau ada la such pills, semua org bleh reach their full potential..tapi aku tak tau benda tu bagus ke tak..em..make me wonder..

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