of being grateful..

i read a post from one of my darling girlfriends about how we should be very grateful with what we have because if we look back, we have been blessed with uncountable blessings which we often take for granted..the simplest examples would be the presence of friends and family..and me too, like begum, am very grateful that God is blessing me with wonderful people to live with..

i have mom and dad who have been very supportive be it emotionally or financially or spiritually..most importantly, i still have both of them..they have been making the family institution very functional as in “hey, i’m the father figure” and “child, mom’s here guide you through, worry not”..what else should i ask for..?there are some people who are less fortunate – they might lose the mother or father figure from separation or some unfortunate circumstances or they might have been growing up without anyone that they can describe as “he is my father” or “meet my mother, Anna”..however, i’m NOT saying people with single parent are not functional as a family..what i mean is, their version of functional family is different from my version of functional family..and, i strongly believe, they grow up to become stronger in a lot of aspects..

ah friends!!! 🙂 i meet a lot of different people throughout my life and with different group of people i learn different values in life..and whoever stick with me until now, have been teaching me the most..we have been through PLENTY of thick-and-thins, and those are the things that have been making our friendship stronger..there’s always friends that i can call at the middle of the night to help me find a misplaced document, a friend that i can ask help from if the security clamp my car or a friend whom i can call to be my company for any social or corporate events..and in between us, we’re always willing to give..and i really hope our friendship will remain strong..and the girlfriends here with me in Wellington..they have been a great bunch of friends and the years we have been through together are long enough to create a special bond, that only we understand..we can perfectly recognize everyone’s handwriting and we can tell exactly which color or dress can suit everyone of us..and for the guys in my life, they’ve always been providing endless intellectual support and i highly value them, thank you ariff, thank you amir..and they’ve always been my guardian angel..

so they are the girls..from left - chi2, acheng, lea, begum, bella (with the devil's horn) and cuda..where's YOT..?urgh i don't have her photo..
the 12 of us..this was in 2009, and it was eid 🙂
he's a brilliant thinker, the kind of person i'd like to have as the prime minister..
i asked for his help eventhough he's thousand miles away from me..thanx ariff! and, tomorrow's ur birthday 🙂 happy birthday ariff..wish you well..no, i'm not making a special post for you..i've made one last year.. :p

ok the cheesy part..boyfriend..i’ve always wanted a superhero to be my boyfriend..i’d want wolverine if it’s possible..haha..it’s NOT possible, i know..but yes, i’ve always wanted an artist – a person who can draw because i admire drawings but unfortunately i’m simply NOT artistic..not at all..a tall, responsible, intelligent, left-handed Chinese who can play piano and swims better than me, an extremely good driver who’s respectful towards the elderly and closely knitted to his family..he has to be good with weapons and horses, and does any sorts of martial arts..haha..OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT GETTING SUCH A PERSON! who am i again..?haha..ok..so yes, i’m not getting any of the above but the presence of a figure who understands me well, tolerant enough to handle me and wanting to be responsible and have a future with me is just pleasant enough..need i ask for more..?

..?may be.. :p

conclusion is, the more we complain, the less likely it becomes for us to realize the wonders we have around us..let’s all be grateful with what we have..


6 thoughts on “of being grateful..

    1. me too! baru la semua org akan rs aman damai..amir~!!! be the prime minister PLEASE! haha tbe2 smngt nak buat social reform..

      1. Yuyu, even though I do believe that I am brilliant, HAHA (joking), tak minat politik aaa… Korng ni. Tapi terima kasih aa. Bukan senang nak kena puji haha.

        In the same vein, I am grateful for having u guys around… You ppl yourselves are an inspiring lot to me.

        1. ah~~~aku plak terharu! haha..but seriously amir, if malaysia can have 10 ppl like you, aku dgn gundam akan jadi rakyat yg paling bertenang dan takkan fikir utk migrate..ke kau pn sbnrnya ada fikir nak migrate..?HAHAHA musnah harapan malaysia gemilang aku..

          1. Ko ni tak patriotik langsung…

            Tapi aku pun memang ada fikir… Haha. Tapi bukan terus la. Akan selalu balik.

  1. sweet pulak pompuan nih. AHAHAHAHA! btw, aku baca from somewhere kan,

    it’s not about the perfect mate babe. it’s about the perfect MATCH.

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