of my dream home..on photos..?

well, let’s just say something happened last night and that something has changed quite a few things in my life..and with such changes, i think i’m allowed to make more plans 🙂 well, let’s not say it’s a plan..it’s a wish list..can i have those below..? 😀 **click on the photo, and you’ll be taken to its origin website**

for the bedroom..

it is in white & red..
the theme is tuscan..

well, be it the contemporarily designed bedroom, or the classically themed bedroom, i need the couch to be in it..if you look at the white and red bedroom, it has a couch with red pillows on the left corner of the photo..

for the bathroom..

this goes with the contemporary bedroom..
and this is for the tuscan bedroom..

with such bathrooms, similarity between the two bathrooms..?the toilet, shower and tub are separated..why they need to be separated..?so each block is functional on its own, and is accessible if they need to be used at the same time..

and i’m gonna need a dungeon..for..?

walk-in closet

so why walk-in closet..?so i don’t need unnecessary furniture in the bedroom 🙂

so what’s next..?kitchen! 🙂 and with kitchen, because i’m not sure with the concept of the bedroom, let’s choose something in between..which is flexible to match with either the contemporary style or the classical style..

this one is a bit flexible with both of the themes..

so there’s a counter for a friend or two 🙂 well, if you’re to match the bedroom with the kitchen, you can change the table top with white stone and may be tile the wall at the stove with white tiles..so if you choose the tuscan theme, you just need to change the chairs with a more tuscan-looking chairs..

and for the living room..let’s just say i’d prefer for such space to be very minimalistic..but, i can’t be minimalistic with the tuscan theme..so let’s just say i’ve chosen the theme which is contemporary, so here’s how the living room will look like..

it is a bit too plain, and may be i’d put up a couple of black and white portraits on the wall..

 so what’s next..?dining hall..i’m a big fan of good food, so i need a good indulging area for that..

no, the lilies are not gonna be on the table :p

owh for the house..i’m gonna need an architect 🙂

and last but not least, may be a Q5..? gee~

i am NOT a good driver but this will helpfully mask that 🙂

**all photos are not mine, and if you click on each of the photos, you will be taken to its respective website**


6 thoughts on “of my dream home..on photos..?

    1. haha..takde plan pape pun amir..aku tulis ni sbb aku nampak Q5 masa keluar aritu.. 🙂 pastu berangan dgn rumah2 sekali..haha..

    1. haha..kan..?it’s genius sbnrnya..we can always play w creativity even if we can’t afford a specific room for it..so it’s highly likely for you to haf one fatin! 🙂

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