we went out :)

most of my friends were out and about enjoying their well-deserved mid semester break..and since there were not many of us left, i decided to ask Dedels to take a little breather around town..*what a place for a breather* haha..ah well, we did not have many options..so yeah, we went out for some shopping – i was redeeming the my birthday voucher from Glasson *special thanks to Ika, Zaty & Jojo πŸ™‚ * and Dedels was looking for a trench coat *though we only have around two months in Wellington*..

anyway, when i’m back in Malaysia, i’ll miss whatever this small town has to offer..as it’s Easter Weekend right now, i’m gonna miss the Easter Egg Chocolates, the sales, and the time when all shops are closed including the groceries shops –Β  that you can’t find a place to buy a bread or milk..

owh, we snapped some photos, so here they are πŸ™‚

owh, i didn't notice we were wearing the same colour πŸ™‚
Dely asked me to buy this kind of scarf when we found a cheaper and a more "temperature-friendly" scarf than this one

6 thoughts on “we went out :)

  1. kemain nyanyah aku ni dah bercita2 jadi siti nurhaliza dah. alhamdulillah dah makbul doa supaya nyanyah jadi lebih feminine. hihi..

    1. hahaha..kau tak tidur lagi nyah..?aku dh kata, tidur umah aku kau tanak..kau rs tak tadi gempa..?tahniah la ye kpd kita semua..ya Allah, lindungilah kami semua..

    1. haha..tak pasan pun erie..padahal ada tooth gap..tak bleh tayang2 selalu..oh, thank you for dropping by erie..

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